Dannah Gresh Appears on Fox News Live!

Dannah Gresh Appeared live on FoxNews.com to talk about Sex and Religion. One young woman responded by saying: “I learned more about sex in this 9 minute segment than I’ve heard anyone share in my whole life.” You just might, too. Check it out.


  • Wow Dannah!! What a great opportunity God gave you! I pray that the seeds fell on many hearts.

    I have a teenage Son who is so inspiring in his realationship with God and his purety. Our Church has done a great job teaching and training all of us and really helping us as parents understand it really starts at home.

    I have many friends who were both virgins when they got married and you can see such a difference in their marriage and intimacy than those (self included) who had multiple partners. I also get to share my story about impurity before marriage and how it still effects me today with our teens at Church and I’ve been asked several times to speak at my Sons High School! These kids are craving this and just aren’t getting it at home or in their community.

    I pray for your work and the large impact God is allowing you to have!

  • I appreciate this candid and truthful information so much.Wish I had known it when I was dating age but can still share it with my daughters.Thank you

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