a9f95b5a99bf2932989648b7d3fd0d8cWho doesn’t like to see a good “celebrities without make up” photo? Our catty-inner-mean-girl aside, it’s actually a good thing to see the reality of magazine cover “beauty.” Countless surveys reveal that looking at these picture-perfect images impacts what we believe about our own beauty. (And it’s not making us feel great!) The younger you are, the more likely you are to believe that you can never be beautiful because the standard is so pore-free, zit-free, full-head-of-hair flawless! I’d love to see every mom sit down with her daughters and look at just how big the lies are that these photos tell. But so many times those links you click are full of sensual poses and topless women. For every mom out there who wants to show their daughter the lie but not the porn, I’ve created a collection of six telling images just for you. (Seven if you count the perfected photo of Katy Perry to the left.)

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a_4x-horizontalFor as long as my heart has been beating on this planet, evangelical mothers have been largely GOP voters. (Save that one time all the conservatives voted Democrat for a big-hearted President Jimmy Carter who postured himself as pro-life at a time when the party was leaning heavily towards abortion. And yes, I know he’s been a bit of a waffler on that.)

My point is this: it’s been fifty years since Christian women have been seriously perplexed about how to vote! Should you vote for Trump or Clinton? (Or one of the third party candidates popping up?) I don’t know. But I do know this: we need to pray.

And what if I told you that by following four simple steps of prayer, you could come to a realistic, biblical answer that gives you unbelievable peace when you punch your ballot this week?  I uncovered these four steps in the Old Testament story of Hannah, a woman so fervent in prayer—so troubled for an answer—that she appeared to be drunk. Let’s stop wasting our time posting snarky social media comments and start investing it into the more fruitful work of praying. Here’s how to pray your way to a realistic, biblical answer concerning the 2016 presidential election.

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untitled-design-3‘Tis the season for soul-bending schedules that have moms everywhere asking, “Am I over-scheduling my kids?” It seems every year…scratch that…every season, my family was struggling with the question of “how much is too much?” From my oldest’s first year of AWANA Cubbies and Boy Scouts to my youngest’s last year of high school soccer and basketball, the Gresh family was trying its best to find balance that still created space for the kind of quality parent-child connecting that we so firmly believe is important. When it comes to extra-curricular activities, there is a lot of social pressure from other moms and a lot of debate from medical and psychological experts on just how much soccer, piano, and clubbing is good for our kids.

How is a mom to know what’s right for her children? Scratch that! How’s a mom to know what’s right for each individual child?

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30236-praying-prayer-womanpraying-sad-crying-1200w-tnIf you’re like most Christian moms, you’re committed to praying for your children, but the truth is you struggle to find time to do it and stay motivated. So do I, that’s exactly why I hosted the “How To Kickstart Your Prayer Life In One Hour” livestream. And I can promise you that unless you are not breathing, it’ll push the re-set button on your prayer life. At least, it did mine.

Experience powerful words of advice and prayer by FamilyLife Today’s Barbara Rainey, Hearts At Home’s Jill Savage, Moms In Prayer International’s Sally Burke, and Author Wynter Evans Pitts, and myself. At the end of just one hour hour you’ll be resourced and encouraged in prayer. Watch it FREE here:


pumpkinIt’s one of the scariest questions moms will face: to halloween or not to halloween? The question is kind of like a zombie in that it comes back to life every October just when we thought it was dead. I just googled it, and found one article titled “Seven Reasons Why Christians Should Celebrate Halloween” and another titled “Why Christians should absolutely not celebrate halloween.” So, should you or shouldn’t you?

This isn’t the only question that fuels the proverbial cat-fight-like Mommy Wars. If ever a mom needed answers, it’s on the backdrop of being a millennial, where Pinterest-perfect domestication meets career-minded savvy. A mom is expected to craft, bake, sew, decorate, and blog about it with hipster style, all while generating income in some ultra-creative fashion, whether it’s a new Shark Tank–worthy start-up company or the world’s most SEO-friendly Etsy store. (Did I mention that when you bake it needs to be with ingredients that are local, organic, grass-fed, and dairy-free?) Of course, this month you should be grabbing your sewing machine to craft a Hollywood-quality costume for your child that rivals every other mom’s skillz. (Or should you?)

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