This week, I took on water (so to speak) when I suggested that we could use movies like Noah and Heaven is for Real as conversation starters with unbelievers. I expressed this opinion thinking it was rather common in a blog entitled “Hollywood’s Very Good Problem.” I had no idea how furious a handful of people would be with my opinion, and I want to confess that I learned a lot in listening to the hearts of those with other ideas. I even clarified some of my early blog statements and readjusted them as my heart was brought into alignment through confrontation.

Might I share a little more deeply with you what my experience with the Noah movie has led me to believe, and petition you to put your good energies of dissuading people from harmful messages to use? There are two things just bursting to get out of my mind today. 

I must begin with this confession: my husband and I invited a small group of friends to go see Noah with us last Saturday night.

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Smiling-Peaceful-Woman-Getting-Back-Massage“The truth is that God designed sex to be enjoyed within the context of a marriage bed. It’s as simple and as terribly frustrating as that. While it would be nice if there were a caveat for those who never get married, that would deny the sanctity of the act of sex all together wouldn’t it? The marriage bed should be honored by “all,” not just those who have one. (Hebrews 13:4) This is difficult, but true.” (From “How Can I Satisfy My Sexual Desire As A Single Woman?”)

And yet, I promised you when I started this blog series that I’d dig hard and try to find answers to your questions. Specifically, I promised that I’d look for ways that you can meet the five legitimate longings that Dr. Juli Slattery and I wrote about in Pulling Back the Shades. And one of them is this: God created women to long to be sexually alive. A rich theology of sexuality demands a robust desire for sex, and God did not create the boundaries of sexual expression to frustrate us. So, what plan exists to relieve the sexual tension? I think there are four ways that God enables a single woman to have her sexual desires released in a healthy manner.

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In the late 1990′s, Bob and Dannah Gresh made a conscious decision to enter into full time ministry. Ten years ago, God took the ministry in two very strong and different directions. We launched Secret Keeper Girl, a ministry to bring tween girls closer to the hearts of God and their moms, and Grace Prep, a new model in Christian education in the same year. (What were we thinking!?) We’re joining together on June 9th in State College, Pennsylvania to celebrate this precious milestone and you are invited to attend.

Dannah and Bob Gresh request the honor of your presence to celebrate the ministries of Grace Prep and Pure Freedom at a special night featuring Susan Cymbala Pettrey of Brooklyn Tabernacle.

Grill Nite’s have been a ten-year tradition for us. On Monday, June 9th we’ll be stoking up the grill for the biggest grill nite of all. After we enjoy a brief outdoor picnic, we’ll go inside for some fantastic Root Beer Float toasts from community leaders and those impacted by the ministries. Then, you’ll hear a dynamic and life-stirring message that will revive your vision for ministry to be delivered by Susan Cymbala Pettrey of Brooklyn Tabernacle. An opportunity to renew your giving pledge or join our team of partners will be followed by an optional celebration on the dance floor.

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Brooklyn Tabernacle’s Susan Cymbala Pettry will be our keynote speaker.

Susan Cymbala Pettrey (100x150)Susan Pettrey is the second daughter of Jim and Carol Cymbala, pastors of the Brooklyn Tabernacle in Brooklyn, NY. Susan grew up witnessing great moves of God and His power to change the most hopeless of lives. As an adult, Susan has been all over the spectrum of ministry at the Brooklyn Tabernacle. She has served as a worship leader and soloist in the choir.

Susan currently directs the BT Drama Company, where she writes and produces full-length plays that are used to minister to the church and evangelize her city. She also directs the children’s ministry, BT KIDS!, where she writes curriculum and ministers to hundreds of children every week. Under her leadership, BT KIDS! has partnered with Secret Keeper Girl/Pure Freedom to host two inner city outreach events and is currently planning an in-depth weekend of healing for the single moms of Brooklyn under the leadership of Dannah Gresh and Pure Freedom Board member/Calvary Baptist Church State College’s Lynn Nold. Susan’s greatest priority is her wonderful husband, Brian, and three amazing children, Luke (15), Claire (13) and Levi (3).

You can register to attend at THIS LINK.

Can’t attend? You can still help. You can make a huge difference in this event by helping us cover the costs of hosting our guests before we reach the big night.

To make a a donation in any of the amounts below, visit this link. (Or you can email or call Eileen King at 814-234-6072 or eileen@purefreedom.org. She’ll be calling you regarding your underwriting gift after it’s made online if you don’t contact her.)

Underwriting Grill Nite Levels

Seasoned Pitmaster $5,500: Our Seasoned Pitmaster corporate or personal sponsorship will be included on all printed and digital materials presented the night of our 10th Anniversary Grill Nite. We’d love to have you sit at one of our head tables with our guest speaker or hosts.

BBQ Guru $3,000: Enjoy the thrill of knowing that you’re helping us bless our speaker for coming and covering all the ancillary expenses that make the night possible. Your corporate or personal sponsorship will be included on printed and digital materials presented the night of our 10th Anniversary Grill Nite. We’d love to have you sit at one of our head table with our guest speaker and hosts.

Soda Fountain Jerk (No really! It’s a good thing.) $1,000: Your corporate or personal name as the noted sponsor of our Root Beer Float Toasting time. There will be special testimonies from leaders in our community as they toast the good work of the Lord as they’ve experienced it through these ministries.

Grill Master Table Sponsor $300: Your corporate or personal name will be included on a table where you may act as a table host, or we can provide a member of our staff to host on your behalf. Your gift covers the grilling costs for your guests.

depp-sparrowIf you’re conflicted by the fact that you find Johnny Depps’ Captain Jack Sparrow sexy, you’ve come to the right place. The treacherous, badly groomed pirate swoons the hearts of women despite that fact that he’s most likely incapable of sustaining a long-term relationship. (Never mind the fact that he’s fictional.)

Recent studies suggest that women are scientifically attracted to  bad boys. Some think this tendency is heightened during ovulation when a woman may subconsciously be more likely to consider how protective a potential mate could be of offspring. (I’m sorry that I just called your future children “offspring.”) (Again, never mind the fact that the bad boy tendancy might make them undependable.)

I think we are, in fact, attracted to the bad boy.  But I think the reason is much simpler than science will ever uncover. I’d like to reveal it to you today so you can figure out what to do with your bad boy appetite before you end up with one that might hurt you.

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87590Are you tired of guys wanting to just “hang out?” Do you wish someone would tell them to “man up” and ask you on a real, live date with food and a car and…gosh…maybe you even secretly hope he might open a car door for you?

You’re not alone.

From The New York Times to Huff Post, the word is out: dating is dead.

“Hanging out” is in.

And single women are underwhelmed.

In a culture that constantly celebrates women’s independence and the ability to be on an equal playing field on the dating scene, isn’t it strange that the most talked about movie of 2015 is a one that celebrates bondage? With Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson recently wrapping Fifty Shades of Grey, all of a sudden, words like “submission,” “master”, and “obedience” are not only acceptable but sexy. Even, Barbara Walters, one of the most liberal women in the media is talking about the thrill of a strong man.

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