Looking for a way to teach your 13-19 year to old walk in spiritual freedom and fruitfulness? You won’t want her to miss the Teen Track of the True Woman 2014 Conference October 9-11 in Indianapolis. Your daughter will enjoy many of the main sessions  with you. They feature Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Mary Kassian, John Piper, and more. But all day Friday she’ll get a full day of True Woman Chick Chat created just for her hosted by myself (Dannah Gresh) and popular speaker Erin Davis. We will challenge teen girls to live in the full freedom of life in Christ and to be fruitful. This year, we are joined by our dear friend Stephanie Martinez for live worship. (Maybe you have seen the three of us together on the Pure Freedom mother/daughter teen tour in past years.)  Here’s what one mom said about having her daughter attend True Woman with her in past years.

“My greatest God story is what He did to my daughter, age 13. She attended the Teen Track. When asked by her brother how it was, she stated, ‘Awesome. Life-Changing! If you don’t have Jesus you don’t have anything.’ This means more than you can imagine.”—Kim

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Read on to learn more about the True Woman Teen Track, how YOU can attend a break out session on raising pure children led by myself, and—best of all—how to get free registrations worth $278 for you and your daughter. I’m giving away two sets of them on September 12th.

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I’m tickled silly pink to be bringing you an all-new event for teen girls and their moms who want to grow closer to each other and closer to Christ. It’s also going to be a great event for women who lead youth groups to bring girls to in an effort to reduce boy-craziness and facilitate God-crazy leaders in your church. (We have group rates just for you.)


On-line dating is a $2.5 billion industry and with mediums like Seventeen magazine (largely read by middle school girls) introducing on-line dating to teens. That’s nuts!  It’s imperative that we talk to teen girls about delaying virtual dating. I, in fact, advocate delaying the real thing, too. As the creator of Secret Keeper Girl, (Hi, I’m Dannah Gresh if we haven’t met) I’m always encouraging girls not to be boy-crazy but to be God-crazy. Moms and youth leaders who agree will want to get their tickets to my eight-city tour this fall. The Get Lost Tour is based on this sentence from my latest book for teen girls: “A girl needs to get so lost in God that a guy has to seek Him to find her.”


While I don’t think a lot of Christian teens and middle school girls are using eHarmony or Match.com, it’s a conversation parents need to begin to have. If you just let your daughter or mentee follow the normal pattern of dating, she’ll jump on the boy crazy train and get lost in the wrong kind of love. This tour is a call to parents, youth pastors, and godly teens to join forces to cultivate God-crazy young women who are lost in Christ’s love.

Copperlily_130926_620I’m crazy happy to be joined on tour by Stephanie Skipper (formerly solo artist Stephanie Smith) and her husband Tim (of House of Heroes) who create Copperlily together; Secret Keeper Girl lead teacher Suzy Weibel who has authored two books for teenagers; and a live worship band.

Stephanie Skipper grew up under my ministry and Suzy’s. She toured as a part of the Secret Keeper Girl team prior to kicking off her solo career. Having her and Tim be a part of this tour is very meaningful me. She waited for Tim. It had its ups and downs, but getting lost in God’s love helped her have staying power. She’s a great role model for today’s teen girls—one I want my own daughters to follow—and today’s teens need good role models.

Here are a few details about the event. I hope you’ll join me!


Your daughter will love the worship band we’ve put together to help her enter in the presence of God. Our worship team doesn’t just lead worship, it teaches teens to worship and invites them in with skill and interaction!





We know that open hearts are a great place to plant biblical truth, so we use interactive contests and games to get the audience laughing. Suzy Weibel (below) and our other team members will even get some moms and daughters on stage to win prizes!



I will open the word of God and challenge your daughter to be God-crazy not boy-crazy. Your daughter will be invited in to an on-line ten-day love feast (through my blog or social media if she is old enough to be on Facebook) in which teen girls take guys off the table and enter in to an on-line international devotional experience with other God-crazy girls across the nation to grow in their love for Christ as they wait in faithful purity for his plan concerning earthly love to be revealed one day.

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What’s one of my events without a modest fashion show? But this one is like none other! We’ve designed something special and fun to remind your daughter to work on her inner garments and to let nothing distract from the good works she does.


The event targets 13-17 year olds and is appearing in the following cities in November 2014.

November 7 • Waynesboro, VA

November 8 • Richmond, VA

November 9th • Virginia Beach, VA

November 11th • Chester, WV

November 13th • Cadillac, MI

November 14th • Brighton, MI

November 15th • Lansing, MI

November 16th • Millersburg, OH

Be sure to get a VIP ticket so you and your daughter can join me for dinner and a bonus teaching. (Those tickets are limited so get them early.) See details below.


General admission provides general seating to live event with doors opening one hour in advance. The goal of the night will be to ask each attendee to join with me in a ten-day love feast in which guys are taken off the table and girls are invited to feast on God’s love together. I’ll will use the Internet to provide daily devotions and worship music videos to guide girls through the love feast.  We’re going to turn the Internet into a good tool, fostering love for Christ through daily spiritual meat and a call to love God. A bonus of the night is drawing moms and daughters closer to each other, too.

VIP admission includes a back stage tour featuring my team’s tour bus, advance seating, private autograph session with me and Copperlily, and dinner with either me or Suzy. I will have dinner with the mothers and present this can’t-be-missed bonus teaching: “How To Raise Sexually Pure Kids”. Suzy will have dinner with the teen daughters and present “Surviving Best Friends & Mean Girls”.




I said goodbye to my virginity when I was fifteen.

How old were you? If you had it to do over again, would you wait? I would. I knew none of the physical consequences of choosing to have sex early, but I was depressed. I felt like I’d given something precious away and could never have it back. That’s why I’ve devoted my life to spreading the idea that sex is worthy of something more than a casual hookup. Is that a message you want to share with your daughter? Little sister? A friend you’re trying to mentor? Read on, because the news today is better…and worse…than when you were a teenager and I have seven secrets that will reduce the risk in the teen girl you love.

7 Secrets

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goodsex“Good sex comes to those who wait.” That was last week’s claim by Her•meneutics blogger Courtney Reissig. Only, I should clarify that she ended the sentence with a question mark: “Good sex comes to those who wait?” And then her words decried the efforts of the abstinence and purity movement—my efforts, really—charging that we are guilty of “incentivizing abstinence with personal pleasure.”

To her credit, Courtney—whose work I’ve examined rather thoroughly and I’m fairly certain that if we shared a cup of coffee I’d enjoy her and find more common ground that different thinking—cited last year’s  New York Times article “In Hookups, Inequality Still Reigns.” The article explained that women report having better sex in committed relationships than those having casual sex. Courtney argued that using studies like this to encourage virginal Christian singles to wait was akin to demanding a “cosmic exchange” with God. My purity now in exchange for great sex later, Ok God? “Promising great sex to those who wait for their wedding day is feeding off of our desire for self-fulfillment, not other-oriented service,” wrote Reissig.

Is it wrong to teach our children and young single adults that there are practical, pleasure-filled rewards in waiting for sex? Are we falling prey to using the world’s model of sex education when we use studies revealing that sex is better inside committed relationships? And—what you really want to know—is sex better if you wait?

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This week, I took on water (so to speak) when I suggested that we could use movies like Noah and Heaven is for Real as conversation starters with unbelievers. I expressed this opinion thinking it was rather common in a blog entitled “Hollywood’s Very Good Problem.” I had no idea how furious a handful of people would be with my opinion, and I want to confess that I learned a lot in listening to the hearts of those with other ideas. I even clarified some of my early blog statements and readjusted them as my heart was brought into alignment through confrontation.

Might I share a little more deeply with you what my experience with the Noah movie has led me to believe, and petition you to put your good energies of dissuading people from harmful messages to use? There are two things just bursting to get out of my mind today. 

I must begin with this confession: my husband and I invited a small group of friends to go see Noah with us last Saturday night.

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