teenage-girlfriendsBFFs and frenemies are one of the best…and worst…things about being a teen. What you might not realize is that they’re also possibly one of the highest risks you’ll ever face. Why? Because it may seem like those never-ending text conversations and tweets back and forth are trivial rumblings, but new research reveals that they’re influencing everything from mental health, to career paths, to how you approach relationships with guys. Do your friends draw you closer to Jesus? Or closer to the boy-crazy train? Let me be honest with you, there is no middle ground.

Here are three things you need to ask yourself about your friendships if you value sexual purity. (And a chance to win a FREE copy of And the Bride Wore White from Cedarville University.)

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NotEndDear girl whose dreams have been crushed,

This is not the end.

It may feel like it. The grief may come in waves so deep that you can’t catch your breath at times. Breathe. Breathe.

This is not the end.

That fractured pelvis that robbed you of your athletic dreams is not the end. Those so-called friends who betrayed you and have left you lonely are not the end. The rejection letter isn’t the end. That guy that took your heart and so much more is not the end.

Not for God’s girl. I have some hope and you need it. So, let’s spend a few minutes together filling your heart with something more powerful than that hopelessness. Read More

I’m tickled silly pink to partner with Cedarville University to bring you an event for teen girls and their moms who want to grow closer to each other and closer to Christ. It’s also going to be a great event for women who lead youth groups to bring girls to in an effort to reduce boy-craziness and facilitate God-crazy leaders in your church. (We have group rates just for you.)

On-line dating is a $2.5 billion industry and with mediums like Seventeen magazine (largely read by middle school girls) introducing on-line dating to teens. That’s nuts!  It’s imperative that we talk to teen girls about delaying virtual dating. I, in fact, advocate delaying the real thing, too. As the creator of Secret Keeper Girl, (Hi, I’m Dannah Gresh if we haven’t met) I’m always encouraging girls not to be boy-crazy but to be God-crazy. Moms and youth leaders who agree will want to get their tickets to my twelve-city tour this fall. The Pure Freedom Tour is based on this sentence from my latest book for teen girls: “A girl needs to get so lost in God that a guy has to seek Him to find her.”


While I don’t think a lot of Christian teens and middle school girls are using eHarmony or Match.com, it’s a conversation parents need to begin to have. If you just let your daughter or mentee follow the normal pattern of dating, she’ll jump on the boy crazy train and get lost in the wrong kind of love. This tour is a call to parents, youth pastors, and godly teens to join forces to cultivate God-crazy young women who are lost in Christ’s love.

Copperlily_130926_620I’m crazy happy to be joined on tour by Stephanie Skipper (formerly solo artist Stephanie Smith) and her husband Tim (of House of Heroes) who create Copperlily together.

Stephanie Skipper grew up under my ministry. She toured as a part of the Secret Keeper Girl team prior to kicking off her solo career. Having her and Tim be a part of this tour is very meaningful me. She waited for Tim. It had its ups and downs, but getting lost in God’s love helped her have staying power. She’s a great role model for today’s teen girls—one I want my own daughters to follow—and today’s girls need good role models.

Here are a few details about the event. I hope you’ll join me!


Your daughter will love the worship band we’ve put together to help her enter in the presence of God. Our worship team doesn’t just lead worship, it teaches teens to worship and invites them in with skill and interaction!




We know that open hearts are a great place to plant biblical truth, so we use interactive contests and games to get the audience laughing. Charmaine Porter, lead teacher for Secret Keeper Girl, or Erin Davis, author and blogger, will fill the role of emcee. They’ll even get some moms and daughters on stage to win prizes!



I will open the word of God and challenge your daughter to be God-crazy not boy-crazy. Your daughter will be invited in to an on-line ten-day love feast (through my blog or social media if she is old enough to be on Facebook) in which teen girls take guys off the table and enter in to an on-line international devotional experience with other God-crazy girls across the nation to grow in their love for Christ as they wait in faithful purity for his plan concerning earthly love to be revealed one day.

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What’s one of my events without a modest fashion show? But this one is like none other! We’ve designed something special and fun to remind your daughter to work on her inner garments and to let nothing distract from the good works she does.


The event targets 13-17 year olds and is appearing in the following cities in September and October and is powered by Cedarville University who will be offering multiple giveaways throughout the night!

September 8 • Raleigh, NC

October 4 • Springfield, MO

October 8 • Dothan, AL

October 9 • Newnan, GA

October 10 • Cartersville, GA

October 15 • Darlington, SC

October 16 • Greer, SC

October 17 • Savannah, GA

October 18 • Charleston, SC

October 19 • Trussville, AL 

Be sure to get a VIP ticket so you and your daughter can join me for dinner and a bonus teaching. (Those tickets are limited so get them early.) See details below.


General admission provides general seating to live event with doors opening one hour in advance. The goal of the night will be to ask each attendee to join with me in a ten-day love feast in which guys are taken off the table and girls are invited to feast on God’s love together. I’ll will use the Internet to provide daily devotions and worship music videos to guide girls through the love feast.  We’re going to turn the Internet into a good tool, fostering love for Christ through daily spiritual meat and a call to love God. A bonus of the night is drawing moms and daughters closer to each other, too.

VIP admission includes advance seating, private autograph session with me and Copperlily, and dinner with either me or Copperlily. I will have dinner with the mothers and present this can’t-be-missed bonus teaching: “How To Raise Sexually Pure Kids”, a workshop sponsored by Cedarville University. Copperlily will have dinner with the teen daughters and present an acoustic song to them and then answer Q&A’s. I know some girls will want to ask about their music, Nashville, and the industry but I’m going to be pushing the questions to be about their relationship. There’s no better example of a God-directed love than Tim and Stephanie Skipper. They are great role models for today’s teen girls!

Purchase your tickets here today.





I was lonely at church

ERASINGI know what it’s like to feel lonely.

Oh, I didn’t look lonely. Active in a small group, a leader in Vacation Bible School and the youth group, I never missed a church service. And Bob and I were always hosting church parties in my home complete with a legendary baked bean and coleslaw food fight that some poor woman is still probably cleaning out of the corners of that old kitchen. My life looked fun. But I was sad, and my body could not contain it anymore. Research reveals a startling negative impact of loneliness on physical health. Chronic sinus infections, migraines, and stomache problems led me to a breaking point: I found myself in a doctor’s office with a prescription for anti-depressants in hand.

That was fifteen years ago. I found my way out, and it wasn’t those pills. (Though I am thankful I had them for a short season.) Today I fellowship in a circle of authentic friendship that’s difficult to describe, but when I have someone visit they always say something like, “I really crave what you have here” or “I’ve never been in a group of authentic fellowship like this ever.” There is hope for a life of authentic intimacy and friendship in the body of Christ. Let me show you the way out.

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sunset-9What would you do? The child you know and love—and was raised as a boy before you met and the adoption was official—wants to be raised as a girl. The catch: doctor’s cannot really say for certain if this child is a girl or a boy. This child has a medical condition known as intersex.

About 1 in 2,000 babies are born with conflicting physical sexual organs in which a sex development specialist is brought in to consult. In many cases, closer examination and blood tests reveal that they are biologically male or female. But for some, no clear biological sex is evident. Such was the case of “Laurie,” whose adoptive Christian parents were seeking answers when they came knocking on my door. What her mom told me about the Christian community’s response broke my heart.

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