First Event Based On “What Are You Waiting For”

Posted by Pure Freedom Intern, Jacqueline Gardner

Armed with trunk monkeys, the latest spring fashions, and prizes galore, the Pure Freedom team traveled to Covington, Tennessee to debut the first ever Pure Freedom event for moms and teen daughters.

The weatherman forecast snow, but we prayed. God allowed it to snow in every county surrounding us but he stopped it just for us! As girls and moms started to pour into the church, you could feel the estrogen and excitement flowing! The night’s agenda featured take-me-to-the-throne worship leader Stephanie Peters , milk-dud-lover and hilarious-game-show-host-extraordinaire Erin Davis , along with dynamic teacher-and-author-of-all-things-yada, Dannah Gresh.

The premiere event went splendidly! We worshipped, laughed, cried, shared secrets, and soaked in God’s presence as we learned about His relentless love for us. Moms and daughters together confronted lies about beauty. Erin hit the nail on the head, declaring an end to the cycle of generational lies about appearance. Daughters need to know they are beautiful, but Moms need to acknowledge that Truth for their own lives, too!

The night ended with a call to transparency and openness about those secrets that keep us lonely and in bondage. We responded with heartfelt worship and songs about freedom from shame. One last slingshot closed off the evening with a bang (though Dannah, Erin, and Stephanie need to brush up their slingshot skills just a bit!)

We love Covington and pray that we can come back soon! (Thanks Peggy Heflin for snapping the pictures!)

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