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Did you tune into the Focus on the Family broadcast this morning? If you did, you got to listen in as Dannah had a candid conversation with Juli Slattery about the myths our culture feeds us about sexuality. We are bombarded with so many conflicting messages from all around that sometimes it is hard to figure out what is true, or we get so tired of discerning that we give up and give in.

Dannah covers a lot of sticky topics in this broadcast that are often avoided in our churches – such as lesbianism and masturbation – but need to be addressed. Do you struggle with questions of sexuality or know others who do and want to give the right answers? Listen in as Dannah speaks to these issues clearly, honestly, and Biblically.

Don’t worry if you missed the broadcast today! You can find it on the Focus on the Family broadcast website. Then tune in tomorrow as Dannah and Juli continue their conversation. On the broadcast page you can find other resources to help you talk through some of these tough issues and take the steps toward sexual healing.

If you’ve been tuning in and you are craving more information, check out Dannah’s book, What Are You Waiting For: The One Thing No One Ever Tells You About Sex. A lot of what she and Juli are talking about comes from this book; it is full of information and answers to those big questions.

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  • This broadcast couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you!! Not only doing I have a struggling 14 yr old daughter but I have a heart for them all and would love to somehow be a part of this! If I can ever help…:)

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