Get Lost: Your Guide To Finding True Love

a ten-week study on God’s design for love

This is a video series about guys and God and how girls get them mixed up. In a talk-show meets Bible-study format Host Chizzy Anderson guides author Dannah Gresh and two young women—Heather Bullock and Lexi Gresh—through a fast-paced conversation about the language of love. Discover how to get so lost in God that a guy has to seek HIM to find you. Each week Dannah offers a “spiritual snack” to kick off your reading assignments in Get Lost. These short 8-12 minute videos supplement conversation, but don’t overtake your small group time. You’ll love them.

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Week 1 | The Violent Craving

Chapters 1 & 2

Boy-crazy doesn’t come close to describing what most women experience when they crave a guy. The Bible actually has a name for it: the violent craving. You can learn about it in Genesis. Understanding what ails you is the first step in overcoming it.



Week 2 | Agape or Ahavah

Chapters 3, 4, & 5

Are you a girl with a sweet tooth or a carbaholic? Do you wake up with a need for a high-octane soda? Or you can’t go to sleep at night without downing a bag of salty chips or pretzels? Your cravings could help you understand your love life! Learn how on today’s Get Lost .

Week 3 | The Love Feast

Chapter 6

A girl needs to get so lost in God that a guy has to seek Him to find her.” That was the sentence that prompted Dannah Gresh to challenge hundreds of young women to take guys off the table entirely for ten days so they can “feast” on the love of God. Does it work or is it just more Christianese white-knuckling? We’ll hash it out today on Get Lost.

Week 4 | Getting Lost in His Presence and Pursuit

Chapters 7 & 8

Recently author Francis Chan has called him the “forgotten God.” He is the Holy Spirit. Have you ever felt like he passed you up and gave all the “bells and whistles” to some other girl? Do you struggle to hear him speak to you? The panelists of Get Lost get fired up today as they debate how the Holy Spirit’s presence looks in a girl’s life!


Week 5 | Getting Lost In His Words and Intimacy

Chapters 9 & 10

Beauty is one UGLY subject. Those emotions you have about you hair…your skin…your thighs…it’s not about you at all. Dannah Gresh calls it a fist fight between the Enemy of your soul and your Creator. We’re about to learn how to get on the winning side as we Get Lost.



Week 6 | Getting Lost In His Strength & Friendship

Chapters 11 & 12

In a world of mean girls, frenemies, and BFFs gone AWOL, Friendship can be hard. Is it different in the Church? Are girls nicer to each other in an authentic manner OR are Christian girls more likely to fake it to appear righteous. A dicey question for the panel of Get Lost to tackle today.

Week 7 | Getting Lost In His Exclusive Love & His Story

Chapters 13 & 14

In Get Lost, Dannah Gresh says that the key to being lost in God’s love is to be still. But the key to getting lost in his story is to do something. To serve! Do these two things oppose each other? Debating the importance of a love relationship and service for God on Get Lost.

Week 8 | Getting Lost In His Sacrifice & Proposal

Chapters 15 & 16

In 2007, a young girl named Katie Davis headed to Uganda and never really came back. She gave up a brilliant college career, a cute car, and even her boyfriend. By the age of 24 she was the single adoptive mother of 14 children (and counting) in a nation filled with poverty. What’s her story teach us? We’ll figure it out today as we Get Lost with best-selling author Dannah Gresh.

Week 9 | A Guy Who Gets Lost

Chapters 17 & 18

In recent years, the Grammy Awards issued a modest dress code while the Christian world began to decry it’s own modesty and purity movements. The claim: that the movements invited young girls to make a deal with God. A chastity belt and silver ring now: Prince Charming WILL come later. Best-selling author Dannah Gresh has been at the forefront of that movement and answers charges today as we Get Lost.

Week 10 | A Girl Who Gets Lost

Chapters 19 & 20


In 1911, the most famous painting in the world was stolen. When the guards came back from a break they saw nothing but four iron pegs upon which it once stood. So, they did what any alert guardians would do…nothing. Today we’re going to talk about the theft of God’s greatest picture.