Join Us In Rescuing the Picture of the Gospel For The Next Generation


God is stirring my heart. Wrecking it really. With the picture of this sweet pregnant teenager.

She was playing a game of “Let’s Make A Deal” at one of our Pure Freedom events for moms and teen daughters this March. She was one of three pregnant girls who attended that evening. During another event this past fall, a fourteen-year-old girl went into labor at intermission. Forget going home after school to a mom when you’re going home after school to be a mom. It makes me wonder, how many girls in those audiences weren’t carrying babies at the event…because they had recently been to an abortion clinic? It makes me mindful of how many of them are sexually active and creating hurt in their hearts because of it. I am thankful to be here to walk them through it.

Another recent heart-breaking event had to do with a new smart phone app called TOP GIRL. It introduces girls as young as twelve to a world too mature for them. For example, a girl’s online top girl character can be denied access to virtual bars if she isn’t dressed hot enough at which point she’s sent back to her virtual closet of fishnet stockings and stilettos to try again. Since we consider ourselves watchdogs for tween girls, we sent out a Secret Keeper Girl product alert. One mom responded by checking up on her daughter and commented on the Facebook page:

“Just found this on my ten-year-old daughter’s itouch…yikes!!! Thanks for the heads up! She says it was stupid and didn’t play it, I hope she is telling the truth.”

The battle is getting thicker. We are standing strong on the front lines. And here’s why it matters so very much:


(Ephesians 5:31,32)


(Genesis 1 & 2)

Our ministry is not really about sex.

It’s about rescuing the picture of the gospel.

It is about maintaining our ability to be the image of God!

I am wrecked by the recent, rampant sexual digression I’ve been seeing, and I’m hoping God will wreck a few of you along with me. I’m asking Him to create a kind of multi-car pileup that will shut down 8 lanes so we might slow down and hear him. Let’s listen to see what He wants next. In our homes. In our churches. In our ministries.

One thing is clear to us: God is calling us to be faithful to get the ministries of Pure Freedom and Secret Keeper Girl poised to go to the next level. The next step is getting ready. We must be poised for movement. To do that, we need to eliminate a remaining balance of $9,000 on our line-of-credit and complete our new Pure Freedom event set which costs about $9,000. We are praying for $18,000 to come in before June 5th. (We shared this need with some of you in February, and are especially grateful to contributors at that time who extended $5,085 in one-time donations to cover our payroll crunch as we waited for the season’s tour income to start up. However, we did not meet the goal of covering these other two expenses.) Filling this need will poise us to move into our new vision.


Would you consider joining us in prayer and taking action in one of these three ways?


1.) Send your largest possible one-time donation to help us reach our goal of $18,000 before June 5th, the date of our annual fundraising night, to WIPE OUT our line-of-credit and pay for our new Pure Freedom staging. This will enable us to use anything we raise that evening for future projects.

2.) Join our other forty monthly donors to support us regularly. Financially, we have been growing in supportive friendships. For this we are so grateful. We had 12 monthly donors in 2010; 29 by the end of 2011; and to date we have 40 in 2012. Together they offer us a monthly contribution of $2,867. We are thrilled with this! And we thank God for each penny. But we need more. We need more because we are called to do more.

3.) Call 814-234-6072 to reserve your spot at our intimate Living Letters event on June 5th to be held at Ramada Inn in State College, PA. We’ll share the details of the evening with you when you call.

We wish we could thank each of you personally for even hearing our hearts. We pray that you’ll be wrecked…whether it’s for a purpose in your local church or to partner with us at Pure Freedom…We’re asking God that you would FEEL His grief along with us and put your time and money where your heart is so we can rescue the next generation!

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