3 Things You Must Tell Your Daughter About Women’s Rights…This Week


mass-march-in-washington_650x400_81478912652Dear mothers of the world, my heart is pleading with God for your daughters! My daughters! The motherless daughters. And all the lies about their womanhood that they will face on social media THIS WEEK! I’m calling upon you to join me in fasting and prayer MARCH 8-10 for the testimony of biblical womanhood, and to have three conversations with your daughters about what they will see in the media this week. While the coming public conversation has potential to wreak havoc on a girl’s belief system when it comes to womanhood, it can also be an opportunity for us to train up the younger women entrusted to us.

60% of American’s get their news from social media, especially the younger demographic that spends about nine hours a day on social media. The good news is that we can interact with the news. The bad news is that interaction forms our beliefs. The good news is anyone can have their say. The bad news is that non-partisan, uneducated views can become distorted as balanced and true. The good news is you can see what you most want to see. The bad news is you don’t see everything you need to see to create an informed decision. (Social media uses computer algorithms to feed you information, skewing the amount of information you’ll receive about a topic based on what you post and what is trending.)
What’s going to trend this week? Women’s rights. How do I know that? The leaders of the Women’s March held in January 2017 is calling for another demonstration called “A Day Without Women” on Wednesday March 8th. Since an estimated 2.7-5 million women (depending on the source) participated globally in January, we can assume a potential gain in participation, and much of this protest is going to happen online. Here are three conversations you should have with your daughter THIS WEEK!

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A Conference For You & Your Teen Daughter


mother-and-daughterDo you desire for your teen daughter to go through her teen years God-crazy and not boy-crazy? Do you aspire that she’ll use her teen angst to become a prayer warrior not a rebel? If so, you won’t want her to miss the Young True Woman Track at this year’s True Woman conference September 22-24  in Indianapolis. During the True Woman conference, your teen daughter will experience many of the main sessions featuring Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, Mary Kassian, Dr. Russell Moore, Stephen Kendrick and memorable moments with you, but will get the bonus of a teen track created just for her and other young women.

What could God do with a generation of young women sold out to prayer in a culture that is lost and growing in darkness? Isaiah 58 promises that “your light will break forth like the dawn” when you enter into humble, authentic prayer. And there is no age limit on those invited to such intercession. Invite your daughter to join the Young True Woman movement and start a flame of vibrant life-giving light in our nation.

Dannah Gresh and beloved vlogger Betsy Gomez will present life-changing truth. Every girl will leave challenged and trained to pray. Stephanie Martinez prepares their heart with live worship. Here’s what one mom_MG_2268 said about having her daughter attend Young True Woman with her in past years.

“My greatest God story [from True Woman] is what He did to my
daughter, age 13. She attended the Teen Track. When asked by her brother how it was, she stated, ‘Awesome. Life-Changing! If you don’t have Jesus you don’t have anything.’ This means more than you can imagine.” 

Read on to learn more about the Young True Woman teen track.

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