The Secret To Finding Peace In Pain


handsscapeIn the midst of a battle with cancer, Pastor Tim Keller stands before a congregation that has missed and prayed for him. He used the sharing of his battle to also invite his congregation to step into the place where he was currently living: a place of peace. “How do you face troubles like this with peace?” he asked. “The ultimate way to handle the troubles of life with peace is not through petitionary prayer, but through worship.”

His body weak from treatments and eagerly anticipating a vacation, he musters the strength to stand before his church for just one sermon. He tells the story of a woman who has inherited an old brooch, which has been thrown into a pile of other bobbles with little consideration.

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“Lord, make me drunk with prayer!”


woman-praying-dark“In her deep anguish Hannah prayed to the Lord…”

The questions of motherhood poured out of her.

Lord, do you see me?

Could you change your mind on this one?

Is there something I could do differently?

Please, could you just let me have one baby boy?

She pours out her soul-breaking pleadings to the God of the Universe.

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Confessions of a Teen Purity Rebel


By Heather Laskin Laskins

When I was in junior high, my mom read, And The Bride Wore White, by Dannah Gresh. She felt a burden to share what she had learned with me and my friends, and so she began planning a purity retreat with the girls in my eighth grade class. As a thirteen year-old girl still uncomfortable saying the word, “sex”, I was definitely not ready for my mom to be talking about it with all of my friends. I didn’t speak to her for a month.

When I was in high school, my mom brought Dannah and her Pure Freedom team to our town to put on a purity event for teen girls. As a stubborn teenager myself, I was not a fan of my mom organizing a “purity talk.” After she left for the event that day, I put on my lowest-cut shirt and a scowl and sat with arms crossed through a good part of that weekend.

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