4 Questions To Consider Before You Embrace A Life Of Sexual Freedom


Sexual freedom seems to be a strong presupposition of our cultural conversation when it comes to human dignity, equality, and civil rights. One website defines it as “the license to lawfully live with and love whom you want, when you want, and how you want without social, political, medical or cultural persecution.” (The Woodhall Foundation) A writer for The Christian Post claims that many single self-proclaimed Christians are sexual atheists. That is, they believe in Jesus Christ but want him to stay out of their bedroom. They want the freedom to do what they want with their sex lives.

Here are a few questions I have rolling around in my head. They’re things you may want to consider before you embrace sexual freedom, or if you already are.

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3 Things You Must Tell Your Daughter About Women’s Rights…This Week


mass-march-in-washington_650x400_81478912652Dear mothers of the world, my heart is pleading with God for your daughters! My daughters! The motherless daughters. And all the lies about their womanhood that they will face on social media THIS WEEK! I’m calling upon you to join me in fasting and prayer MARCH 8-10 for the testimony of biblical womanhood, and to have three conversations with your daughters about what they will see in the media this week. While the coming public conversation has potential to wreak havoc on a girl’s belief system when it comes to womanhood, it can also be an opportunity for us to train up the younger women entrusted to us.

60% of American’s get their news from social media, especially the younger demographic that spends about nine hours a day on social media. The good news is that we can interact with the news. The bad news is that interaction forms our beliefs. The good news is anyone can have their say. The bad news is that non-partisan, uneducated views can become distorted as balanced and true. The good news is you can see what you most want to see. The bad news is you don’t see everything you need to see to create an informed decision. (Social media uses computer algorithms to feed you information, skewing the amount of information you’ll receive about a topic based on what you post and what is trending.)
What’s going to trend this week? Women’s rights. How do I know that? The leaders of the Women’s March held in January 2017 is calling for another demonstration called “A Day Without Women” on Wednesday March 8th. Since an estimated 2.7-5 million women (depending on the source) participated globally in January, we can assume a potential gain in participation, and much of this protest is going to happen online. Here are three conversations you should have with your daughter THIS WEEK!

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Is This Coincidence or God’s Mighty, Meticulous Hand?


marleneMeet Marlene.

The story she has unfolded in my life is either one coincidence after another or the mighty, meticulous hand of God. Several years ago, she wrote me a letter inviting me to come to the Dominican Republic. I politely declined, explaining that at the time our ministry calling was to the United States. But Marlene refused to give up. Letter after letter, she insisted that the Lord had healing for her land through Pure Freedom and Secret Keeper Girl.

According to the United Nations, the rate of teen pregnancy in the country of the Dominican Republic is double the world average–105 out of every 1,000. Marlene would not settle for the brokenness she saw around her.

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Is Your Child Overscheduled?


untitled-design-3‘Tis the season for soul-bending schedules that have moms everywhere asking, “Am I over-scheduling my kids?” It seems every year…scratch that…every season, my family was struggling with the question of “how much is too much?” From my oldest’s first year of AWANA Cubbies and Boy Scouts to my youngest’s last year of high school soccer and basketball, the Gresh family was trying its best to find balance that still created space for the kind of quality parent-child connecting that we so firmly believe is important. When it comes to extra-curricular activities, there is a lot of social pressure from other moms and a lot of debate from medical and psychological experts on just how much soccer, piano, and clubbing is good for our kids.

How is a mom to know what’s right for her children? Scratch that! How’s a mom to know what’s right for each individual child?

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How To Kickstart Your Prayer Life In One Hour


30236-praying-prayer-womanpraying-sad-crying-1200w-tnIf you’re like most Christian moms, you’re committed to praying for your children, but the truth is you struggle to find time to do it and stay motivated. So do I, that’s exactly why I hosted the “How To Kickstart Your Prayer Life In One Hour” livestream. And I can promise you that unless you are not breathing, it’ll push the re-set button on your prayer life. At least, it did mine.

Experience powerful words of advice and prayer by FamilyLife Today’s Barbara Rainey, Hearts At Home’s Jill Savage, Moms In Prayer International’s Sally Burke, and Author Wynter Evans Pitts, and myself. At the end of just one hour hour you’ll be resourced and encouraged in prayer. Watch it FREE here:


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Modesty Myth #3: Guys are off the hook.


LUSTThe feminine modesty texts are about sexual allurement and direct a woman to demonstrate self-control and respect in the way she presents herself. But does this mean men are off the hook? And am I saying that if women dress modestly, men will not lust.

Girls, it’s great if you read this, but today I want to talk to guys. And moms of guys. And girlfriends of guys. And sisters of guys. And any woman that can influence one.

If any guys happen to be reading this I should probably start with this: don’t dress like the Abercrombie guy and for the love of all things decent pull your pants up over your boxers!

(Imagine deafening eruptions of cheers from the women reading this!)

But that’s not what I really want or need to communicate today.

Because it’s not what God’s word instructs me to say.

Here’s what I really have to say, guys: your lust is your responsibility. Period.

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Myth #2: Modesty is a form of misogyny. [VIDEO]


RESPECT2Is Christian culture sometimes formed more by secular lines of thinking than by biblical truth. Third wave feminism has posited the thought that teaching purity and modesty is a form of misogyny BECAUSE it is largely directed at women. They have even gone on the record that teaching modesty promotes rape culture. Does teaching modesty promote “rape culture”? A better question to begin with is this: does “rape culture” even exist?

Last year, a TIME Magazine article declared that it was “Time To End Rape Culture Hysteria.” Writer Caroline Kitchens championed the report of the nations leading anti-sexual violence organization, RAINN, which rebuked the overemphasis on the concept of “rape culture” as a means of preventing rape, citing that 90% of rapes on college campuses are committed by 3% of the male population. RAINN argues that rape is the product of individuals who have decided to disregard the overwhelming cultural messages that rape is wrong.

The fact is rape crime is on the decline. The National Crime Victimization Survey indicates that rape occurrence in the 1980’s was 2.4 per 1000 people. Now it is .4 per 1000. Even RAINN reports that sexual assault has fallen by more than 50% in recent years. That makes it no less vile, but it does mean we aren’t living in a rape culture.

The “modesty promotes rape culture” idea is a feminist dogma. It is scripture that should be informing the Christian conversation on sexuality, modesty, purity, and sex crimes; not the leading voices of third wave feminism.

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The Pure Freedom Tour With Dannah Gresh


Body-image issues. Depression. Eating disorders. Sexting. Boy craziness. Peer pressure. Mom, it’s time to fight for your teen daughter. My Pure Freedom tour for moms and teen daughters will break down the wall between you,bring you both closer to Jesus, and give you tools to walk in Pure Freedom. Live worship. Deep Bible teaching. And a modest fashion show. It’s the most fun you and your daughter will ever have digging into God’s word.

Hi, I’m Dannah Gresh (if we haven’t met) and for over a decade I’ve been reducing the risk in teen girls. Do you know what her BIGGEST tool in the battle against temptation is? YOU! Mother/daughter connectedness reduces the risk. PERIOD! That’s why every single one of my events includes you and her digging into God’s word together to stand in truth! I’m coming to town and you and your daughter need to BE THERE! (Get your tickets by clicking here if you’re already convinced, or read on.)

As the creator of Secret Keeper Girl, I’m always encouraging girls not to be boy-crazy but to be God-crazy. Moms and youth leaders who agree will want to get their tickets to my tour stop in Nashville this fall. The Pure Freedom Tour is based content from my best-selling book And the Bride Wore White, and on this sentence from my latest book for teen girls: “A girl needs to get so lost in God that a guy has to seek Him to find her.”

This tour is a call to parents, youth pastors, and godly teens to join forces to cultivate God-crazy young women who are lost in Christ’s love. (They’ll even be invited to follow up the live event with a ten day Bible study/devotional challenge called The Love Feast.)

Copperlily_130926_620 I’m crazy happy to be joined on tour by Stephanie Skipper (formerly solo artist Stephanie Smith) and her husband Tim (of House of Heroes) who create Copperlily together.

Stephanie Skipper grew up under my ministry. She toured as a part of the Secret Keeper Girl team prior to kicking off her solo career. Having her and Tim be a part of this tour is very meaningful me. She waited for Tim. It had its ups and downs, but getting lost in God’s love helped her have staying power. She’s a great role model for today’s teen girls—one I want my own daughters to follow—and today’s girls need good role models.



Your daughter will love the worship band we’ve put together to help her enter in the presence of God. Our worship team doesn’t just lead worship, it teaches teens to worship and invites them in with skill and interaction!



We know that open hearts are a great place to plant biblical truth, so we use interactive contests and games to get the audience laughing. Charmaine Porter, lead teacher for Secret Keeper Girl, will fill the role of emcee.




I will open the word of God and challenge your daughter to be God-crazy not boy-crazy. Your daughter will be invited in to an on-line ten-day love feast in which teen girls take guys off the table and enter in to an on-line international devotional experience with other God-crazy girls across the nation to grow in their love for Christ as they wait in faithful purity for his plan concerning earthly love to be revealed one day.


What’s one of my events without a modest fashion show? But this one is like none other! We’ve designed something special and fun to remind your daughter to work on her inner garments and to let nothing distract from the good works she does.

The event targets 13-17 year olds and is appearing in JUST ONE CITY this fall.

Nashville, TN • September 14th

Be sure to get a VIP ticket so you and your daughter can join me for dinner and a bonus teaching.

(Those tickets are limited so get them early.) See details below.


General admission provides general seating to live event with doors opening one hour in advance. The goal of the night will be to ask each attendee to join with me in a ten-day love feast in which guys are taken off the table and girls are invited to feast on God’s love together. I’ll will use the Internet to provide daily devotions and worship music videos to guide girls through the love feast.  We’re going to turn the Internet into a good tool, fostering love for Christ through daily spiritual meat and a call to love God. A bonus of the night is drawing moms and daughters closer to each other, too.

VIP admission includes advance seating, private autograph session with me and Copperlily, and pizza with either me or Copperlily. I will have dinner with the mothers and present this can’t-be-missed bonus teaching: “How To Raise Sexually Pure Kids”, a workshop sponsored by Cedarville University. Copperlily will have dinner with the teen daughters and present an acoustic song to them and then answer Q&A’s. I know some girls will want to ask about their music, Nashville, and the industry but I’m going to be pushing the questions to be about their relationship. There’s no better example of a God-directed love than Tim and Stephanie Skipper. They are great role models for today’s teen girls!



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An Invitation To Walk On The Water With Me


walking_on_waterOften my readers write to me and ask me how they can pray for me. I don’t always know how to answer them. That is not a problem as I write to you today. My list is long and the need is great, but….my heart is full. So full of God’s peace and so fully His. I’m a girl who is lost in God’s love. You see, a hard summer of stormy trouble has taught me to walk on the water. Before I plead for your intercession, might I tell you the secret of wave walking?

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Confessions of a Teen Purity Rebel


By Heather Laskin Laskins

When I was in junior high, my mom read, And The Bride Wore White, by Dannah Gresh. She felt a burden to share what she had learned with me and my friends, and so she began planning a purity retreat with the girls in my eighth grade class. As a thirteen year-old girl still uncomfortable saying the word, “sex”, I was definitely not ready for my mom to be talking about it with all of my friends. I didn’t speak to her for a month.

When I was in high school, my mom brought Dannah and her Pure Freedom team to our town to put on a purity event for teen girls. As a stubborn teenager myself, I was not a fan of my mom organizing a “purity talk.” After she left for the event that day, I put on my lowest-cut shirt and a scowl and sat with arms crossed through a good part of that weekend.

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