The Beautiful Miracle of God Hearing The Prayers of A Mom [VIDEO]


dsc_7319Meet Danet.

Originally from the beautiful island of Belize, she found herself living in the projects of The Bronx. Her hometown wasn’t full of multimillion dollar homes, but she had a yard and a fence and kids could play outside. Coming to New York, she lived ten floors up in the air with security bars on the windows. The elevators were full with the dirt and the pee. She literally had to escort her little girls to the park. And they couldn’t play beyond a certain time.

The highest risk of raising daughters in The Bronx, besides the influence of drugs and alcohol, is the promiscuous lifestyle. Danet made up her mind that she was going to hold on to Proverbs 22:6 and wasn’t gonna let it go because “my children were not going to be teenage vagabonds.” And that became her mission, but she could not believe what God asked her to do when she began praying that verse out loud.

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Is This Coincidence or God’s Mighty, Meticulous Hand?


marleneMeet Marlene.

The story she has unfolded in my life is either one coincidence after another or the mighty, meticulous hand of God. Several years ago, she wrote me a letter inviting me to come to the Dominican Republic. I politely declined, explaining that at the time our ministry calling was to the United States. But Marlene refused to give up. Letter after letter, she insisted that the Lord had healing for her land through Pure Freedom and Secret Keeper Girl.

According to the United Nations, the rate of teen pregnancy in the country of the Dominican Republic is double the world average–105 out of every 1,000. Marlene would not settle for the brokenness she saw around her.

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Celebrities Before & After Photoshop (PG Version) For Moms & Daughters


a9f95b5a99bf2932989648b7d3fd0d8cWho doesn’t like to see a good “celebrities without make up” photo? Our catty-inner-mean-girl aside, it’s actually a good thing to see the reality of magazine cover “beauty.” Countless surveys reveal that looking at these picture-perfect images impacts what we believe about our own beauty. (And it’s not making us feel great!) The younger you are, the more likely you are to believe that you can never be beautiful because the standard is so pore-free, zit-free, full-head-of-hair flawless! I’d love to see every mom sit down with her daughters and look at just how big the lies are that these photos tell. But so many times those links you click are full of sensual poses and topless women. For every mom out there who wants to show their daughter the lie but not the porn, I’ve created a collection of six telling images just for you. (Seven if you count the perfected photo of Katy Perry to the left.)

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Is Your Child Overscheduled?


untitled-design-3‘Tis the season for soul-bending schedules that have moms everywhere asking, “Am I over-scheduling my kids?” It seems every year…scratch that…every season, my family was struggling with the question of “how much is too much?” From my oldest’s first year of AWANA Cubbies and Boy Scouts to my youngest’s last year of high school soccer and basketball, the Gresh family was trying its best to find balance that still created space for the kind of quality parent-child connecting that we so firmly believe is important. When it comes to extra-curricular activities, there is a lot of social pressure from other moms and a lot of debate from medical and psychological experts on just how much soccer, piano, and clubbing is good for our kids.

How is a mom to know what’s right for her children? Scratch that! How’s a mom to know what’s right for each individual child?

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How To Kickstart Your Prayer Life In One Hour


30236-praying-prayer-womanpraying-sad-crying-1200w-tnIf you’re like most Christian moms, you’re committed to praying for your children, but the truth is you struggle to find time to do it and stay motivated. So do I, that’s exactly why I hosted the “How To Kickstart Your Prayer Life In One Hour” livestream. And I can promise you that unless you are not breathing, it’ll push the re-set button on your prayer life. At least, it did mine.

Experience powerful words of advice and prayer by FamilyLife Today’s Barbara Rainey, Hearts At Home’s Jill Savage, Moms In Prayer International’s Sally Burke, and Author Wynter Evans Pitts, and myself. At the end of just one hour hour you’ll be resourced and encouraged in prayer. Watch it FREE here:


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Do The Lyrics Really Matter?


Girl-headphoneDo the lyrics really matter? Months ago, I was appalled by a viral video of a sweet little tween girl sitting in the front seat of a car with her brother driving. Suddenly, Rihanna’s Work—wrought with explicit lyrics that are barely understandable—came onto the radio. This precious little girl jumped into the backseat and starting twerking like a stripper. My heart just broke!

Twerking in the back seat isn’t the only risk of inappropriate music lyrics and role models. A two year study by the American Psychological Association titled “The Sexualization of Girls” clearly linked music lyrics and the marketing associated with the songs to age compression in tweens resulting in eating disorders, body image issues, and depression when they are teens. The lyrics matter!

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Is Princess Culture Damaging Young Girls?


iStock_000013517498XSmallLast week, The Washington Post reported on new research revealing that the “princess culture” is damaging young girls. Is it? (My team has been researching the concept of “princess culture” for about nine months preparing for a new Secret Keeper Girl tour and I might have a different take on things than the many hyped-up headlines.) While modern princesses like Elsa, Merida, and Rapunzel have been applauded for breaking stereotypes, the overriding impact of a slow and steady stream of physically perfect female lead roles awaiting their prince is accused of doing measurable damage. The study, a first measuring social science data on the impact of “princess culture” reveals three specific concerns.

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Apply For A Secret Keeper Girl Internship With Dannah Gresh!


Here’s the thing. We don’t have “interns” at Pure Freedom.

Event speakers, content writers, social media specialists, web designers, road managers, and administrative professionals, yes…but no interns. Interns follow orders and get coffee. We think there are more important and creative things to be done! So although we may send you on the occasional Starbucks run, we think your time here is better spent in other ways. Like ministering to thousands of tween girls at an SKG live event, creating the latest social media graphic, coordinating a photo shoot for Dannah’s latest book, devising new strategies for reaching at-risk girls, or praying with a struggling mom over the phone.

It might not look like it, but we’re actually a tiny team with a tiny office in State College, Pennsylvania, and interns are an integral part of our ministry. You might share a desk with your co-worker. Or sleep on a bunk in a tour bus. We can’t afford to pay you much, even though you’ll work just as hard as our full-time team members. And there’s no job too big or too small—you could be speaking to an audience of 400-1,500 or restocking the toilet paper in our bathroom. (Or both in the same day.) All that said, we still think it’s pretty much THE best year you’ll ever have working hard, digging deeply into God’s word, and sharing Truth with others.

What do you get out of it? We have a relational mentoring program whereby our interns are given an opportunity to learn about women’s and children’s ministry and then do it. Our model isn’t perfect, but our community is special. Twice annual prayer summits lead you in the work on your own heart. Daily devos on event days prepare you and teach you that your primary work is PRAYER (not teaching or managing or writing or cleaning). Dannah Gresh is personally involved with your mentorship plan.

If you’re interested, here’s what you need to know:

Available Internships

Secret Keeper Girl Live! Worship Team Member

Hit the road with our Secret Keeper Girl LIVE Tour, stopping in 40+ cities each season/semester. The number one quality we are looking for in this intern is an authentic, growing relationship with Christ. You don’t have to be perfect. We’re not. We’ll work on that together, but you can’t fake a relationship with Jesus. It is out of that power that you can minister on stage. It goes without saying that you must have a high-energy personality and dynamic speaking/ interpersonal skills since you’ll present and lead worship for audiences of up to 1,500 with our mother/daughter event designed to teach tween girls about true beauty and modesty. Strong vocals are a must with some experience performing live. It’s a team effort when it comes to show load-in and set-up (including lots of balloons!), memorizing the script and keeping it fresh, managing prop inventory, assisting with merchandise sales, speaking and/or monitoring backstage, interacting with audience members, maintaining healthy relationships with the road team, and completing special projects assigned by Dannah. Check out a promo video of one of our events here to see what stage ministry looks like. This is generally a ten month internship starting August 1st and running through May with some training in July preceding your time with us. But sometimes we accept an intern for just one semester. (Often you can get college credit for it!)



To apply to be a Secret Keeper Girl LIVE! Worship Team Member, send the following to by November 10, 2016:

Pure Freedom Administrative Team

Do you love behind the scenes work and serving? Eager to be a part of a dynamic team? Cozy up into a host home that we think will bless your socks off, be a part of the development of upcoming tours, manage the bookstore and shipping and customer care, and be on deck to head out with the team for especially high volume tour weekends. There is no telling what you’ll do in this exciting administrative role. Skills include being proficient with a computer and basic programs such as data base entry and word processing programs. This is a 3-6 month internship managed by our office administrator Eileen King. Dannah is involved in some personal discipleship.

To apply to be on the Pure Freedom Administrative Team, send the following to by November 10, 2016:

Intern Testimonials

“Being a Pure Freedom intern was an incredible experience. Not only was it stretching in the natural {ie. Doing things I had never done before!} but it also stretched me spiritually in my relationship with God.”

“At first I wasn’t all that excited about ministering to 8-12 year old girls because I thought, ‘they’re too young’ but did that ever change after the FIRST SKG event we did! I remember watching the moms and daughters in the crowd that night holding each other, crying and experiencing the healing power of God’s Word as we shared with them that they were ‘fearfully and wonderfully made.’

Everything changed for me the first night I was a part of the ministry team for Secret Keeper Girl. I encountered the power of the Word in a NEW way and also saw the power of His love washing over these young girls and their moms in such a way I had never seen before.

Everything about this internship was amazing. I learned so much about myself and Jesus and I received training/wisdom that I will use for the rest of my life. I loved connecting with Dannah and the team throughout our training/prep weeks and I loved being on the road during tour. Relationships were built that impacted my life in rich ways.”

I would highly recommend Pure Freedom’s internship program to anyone hungry for MORE. This internship rocked my world and I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of it! You can too — don’t miss out!”

Jen Wilton

“The impact Dannah Gresh and her ministry Pure Freedom/Secret Keeper Girl had on my life was instrumental. Praise God for the work He is doing around the world because of this ministry.”

How do I even start to sum up my time with Dannah Gresh and her Secret Keeper Girl team?  I will forever remember my first weekend in State College, PA when Dannah invited me over for the afternoon for some mentoring time.  It was those times with Dannah that I looked forward to most because I learned so much from her, her walk with God and the call He put on her life.  She encouraged me to pray and ask God to show me my spiritual gifts and what his desire was for me in ministry.  Those 3 months directed me towards what I would be doing for the rest of my life.

I loved being with all the mothers and daughters and becoming a small part of their growth in the Lord.  Night after night, set-up after set-up, show after show, God never ceased to amaze me in the way He went before our team and prepared the hearts of the young girls and their mothers.  What an amazing ministry to be a part of.

After my SKG internship, the desire to reach out to young girls and their mothers about purity and modesty and their value in God’s eyes did not stop.  I started an SKG class at my church and was able to see Dannah’s material come alive again in those girl’s lives.  But God didn’t stop there!  He is now using this passion and heart for young girls and their mothers to drive me to work in Thailand and Bolivia to see children around the world protected from ever entering or being forced into the sex-trade.

The impact Dannah Gresh and her ministry Pure Freedom/Secret Keeper Girl had on my life was instrumental.  Praise God for the work He is doing around the world because of this ministry.  God is at the heart of this ministry and I would encourage you to join God on His mission in protecting and preserving these young girls!

Cali (Galloway) Ledger


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#3 Sexual Myth: “Teaching Modesty Promotes Rape Culture”



Argentina-protest-620x371“Get your rosaries out of our ovaries,” chanted a group of topless feminists as they sexually assaulted and spray painted Catholic men who were peacefully praying outside of a cathedral in Argentina. When I first heard about it, I thought “Yeah, right! The religious right has found another story to exaggerate, dividing the lost from the saving grace of our Lord.”

Then, I saw the video footage.

Before I show it to you, I want to carefully navigate through another sexual myth because I believe the video footage is the logical conclusion if we allow this myth to become rooted.

Myth #3: Teaching Modesty Promotes Rape Culture.

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When You’re Walking On Water…And You Sink.


Me & StormieMercifully, grief comes in waves. I am thankful for the ebbing where I can gasp for breath and rest. But when the waves come they are high and filled with fury and relentless in inflicting pain no eye can see. And this is just the short course on grief. I know those who have walked through much deeper valleys.

I have lost a pet. A beloved, faithful, constant companion. Stormie. She left suddenly without warning. From the very first Secret Keeper Girl Tour script to Lies Young Women Believe to Get Lost, she was by my side for each click of the key board. I ache to hold her just one more time. It’s the emptiness that makes the waves of sadness so deep. And I find myself sinking. Do you know what it feels like to sink? Have you lost someone? Experienced an unforeseen break up? Felt the sting of betrayal? Found your life plan ripped out from under you?

You are not alone.

I’m here with you, friend.

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