Celebrities Before & After Photoshop (PG Version) For Moms & Daughters


a9f95b5a99bf2932989648b7d3fd0d8cWho doesn’t like to see a good “celebrities without make up” photo? Our catty-inner-mean-girl aside, it’s actually a good thing to see the reality of magazine cover “beauty.” Countless surveys reveal that looking at these picture-perfect images impacts what we believe about our own beauty. (And it’s not making us feel great!) The younger you are, the more likely you are to believe that you can never be beautiful because the standard is so pore-free, zit-free, full-head-of-hair flawless! I’d love to see every mom sit down with her daughters and look at just how big the lies are that these photos tell. But so many times those links you click are full of sensual poses and topless women. For every mom out there who wants to show their daughter the lie but not the porn, I’ve created a collection of six telling images just for you. (Seven if you count the perfected photo of Katy Perry to the left.)

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Are We Obsessed With The Bodies Of Teen Girls?



Last week, an ad featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt ran in several publications. The Hollywood Reporter ran an untouched version of the ad. Entertainment Weekly treated her to a digital breast reduction. (You can see the photos side by side later in this article.) If their goal was to make her look more modest, they didn’t. Her cup size may have shrunk to a size B, but they treated her black—is it a spaghetti strap nightie—to some shrinking as well.

No, Entertainment Weekly did not arrive at modesty, but I do think they had a final destination. Whether they did it intentionally or not, they fed into a trend that alarms me as I keep  my pulse on the beauty standards of Western culture: a titillating fascination with the teenage body. From advertisements that illuminate a Catholic school girl fetish to college girl’s budgeting for regular Brazillian waxes, I see women doing almost anything to look younger. Most saddening, is that little girls do almost anything to look older.


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