The Real Bounty On Tim Tebow

“Have you slept with this man?”

That was one of many national headlines this week. And Tim Tebow’s face was next to the question.

There’s a bounty on him: $1 million for any woman who can provide undeniable proof that she’s had sex with football’s symbol of integrity. No, I’m not making this up. The Twitterati have been abuzz about it all week. Set by a website that matches partners looking to have adulterous affairs—think eHarmony but minus the harmony—it’s really nothing but a cheap publicity stunt. (You won’t find the name of the site here, that’s for sure.) However, it does illuminate the fact that there are those who are just waiting for Tim Tebow to be proven a hypocrite. They wait like vultures, hoping to feast on the decaying carcass of one man’s morality. Case in point: New England Patriot’s tight end jokingly offered to do the job himself. His vulgar offer—seen below—was made in front of an audience of college students, which is what makes it so despicable.

A young woman asks Rob Gronkowsi if she’d rather “kill em, marry em or *!@# em: Rex Ryan, Betty White or Tim Tebow?” And here’s what he says:

You have to see this—and hear the audience roar in unholy praise—to really understand what’s at stake. There is a battle raging and it’s not just about Tim Tebow’s radical stand for abstinence. (It’s his choice, America! If you believe in “tolerance”, why not act like it. His choice will guarantee him—and all those who follow his example—a life free of sexual transmitted infections, untimely pregnancies, and depression. Why isn’t that a choice worthy of your “tolerance?”)

But I digress. My point is this: Tim Tebow and Rob Gronkowski are both role models. Some players in the NFL deny that they have the power to transform behavior. They say that they’re not role models. To that, Tim Tebow recently said: “Yes, you are. You’re just not a good one.”

Here’s what concerns me most: it seems that some would leave only the role models for moral decay in the playing field of American culture. But I’m a player on that field, too. And I’m making a play today. I might hurt myself using football terminology—my husband and son can attest—, but I’m stepping in to act as offensive lineman for our quarterback of American virtue. It takes more than one, so I hope you might coach yourself up to join me on the playing field. Let’s make a play to block the adulterous match-making websites, night clubs eager to devour one man’s virginity, and fools like Gronkowski. Here’s how the play goes:

1.) Visit the website for the Tim Tebow Foundation.
2.) Send Tim a donation. When you do, you’ll be sending him an ‘atta boy! I’m sure he needs one every now and then just like the rest of us.
3.) Wait for you postcard to come. Bob and I joined the Tim Tebow Foundation recently, and I have the postcard from Tim Tebow on my fridge to prove it. It has a photo of him, is signed by him, and carries with it the power of a scripture verse.
4.) Put your postcard on your fridge and pray for Tim to stand strong and be protected. I pray for him each time I walk by the postcard. And that’s the real play isn’t it?

If you believe that we need role models like Tim Tebow, then they must be protected and supported because they certainly are attacked and assaulted. We do not protect them and support them by doing NOTHING! (That leaves us guilty of putting them on the playing field alone. The results could be bloody.) Equally, the reaction should not be one of hatred for those role models that illuminate modern day paganism. Instead, we can respond with prayer. We can lock our shields of faith together and build protection around Tim Tebow and others like him who display virtue.

And we can pray in faith that they will stand strong. Because at that point there IS a bounty on Tim’s head, but not the one posted as a publicity stunt of a tawdry website. The Apostle Paul once commended the church at Corinth to stand behind Titus who had been sent forth to show things honorable not only in the sight of God, but in the sight of men. Paul labeled the grace on Titus to stand strong in their culture “a bounty which is ministered by us.” The Church of Corinth had Titus’ back.

Do we have Tebow’s?

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  • What a shame that people have to put “BAD” into everything today. Tim Tebow is such a role model for young boys growing up andpeople will not let him be what he wants the world to kn ow what he is. I am so proud of him for the stanad that he takes for Christ and we ALL need to be praying for Jesus to just cover him with His blessings and love so that Tim will know without a doubt, that Christ is the leader in his life and will not be ashamed to tell the world.

  • I couldn’t have said it better myself! Just last night, I was talking with my husband about the website that is handling this publicity stunt, and I told him that I find myself at random times praying for this young man. I love the idea that we have his back! I follow the Tim Tebow Foundation on Facebook, but I’m going to go become a member now. Thanks, Dannah!

  • What a great idea Dannah! Yes I will join the Time Tebow Foundation and will pray for him. He is not only a great example for our young guys but what an example of what a girl sold out to GOD would desire in a future mate!..He surely needs out prayers! Satan would love to bring him down! I am so thankful for Tim and his outspoken unabashed love for Jesus Christ!

  • Star from The View said on the Today show a while back that if Tebow is authentic, “he will be fine” in NY. I believe he is authentic. I also believe you are so very right about believers praying for one another. I confess I hold little hope for our culture in general (I need to pray about that!) but long to see believers supporting one another as we’re told to do. Thank you for this reminder.

  • I love this. Not only for its truth, but for the fact that you don’t hear many people willing to stances like this. It is tempting to think that it sounds trite to pray for someone in the public eye, someone you don’t know. But thank you Dannah, for reminding us that it is not trite at all…it is our job! I do the same for Scotty McCreery…the young American Idol winner from last year who publicly professes his faith in Christ on a regular basis.

    On another note I got all pumped up about the paragraph on “tolerance.” America is so huge on it yet Christ followers are NOT given the same level of respect. Not only that, they are scewing our message to fit what appeals to them. As one popular TV show stated this week “How about we become a new kind of Christian, one that has sex because it is so hard not to.” Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Like you said Dannah…PRAY PRAY PRAY!

  • Diane, that’s cool to hear. I, too, believe he will be fine! Let’s make sure of it. I’m so sure that he’s surrounded by men who are holding his feet to the fire of the Holy Spirit. But we can pray for him!

  • I do pray for him. (Tebow) Satan would love nothing more than to destroy him the way he destroys every one who allows it. God is greater. He can and will sustain Tim.

  • GGGGrrrrrrrr….this momma bear is rattled by this…and he’s not even my cub! I just joined the Tim Tebow Foundation, great idea Dannah – YOU should join too! Let’s show him our support!

  • That bounty is appalling. Wow, the pressure on Tim is amazing. Christ has overcome the world though so I pray Tim can stand strong. Great play, Dannah. I will follow your lead. Thank you so much!!

  • Thank you for the timely and sobering post. I came across these headlines in the news this week, and it was disheartening that there are those who cannot respect Tim for his stand, and will make mockery of it. Tim has stood very strong so far, but you are right–he needs our prayers; Tim cannot be who he is without reliance on his Savior; and without intercession on his behalf, it will be all the harder for him. I’ll be praying.

  • Thank you for the timely and sobering post. I came across these headlines in the news this week, and it was disheartening that there are those who cannot respect Tim for his stand, and will make mockery of it. Tim has stood very strong so far, but you are right–he needs our prayers; Tim cannot be who he is without reliance on his Savior; and without intercession on his behalf, it will be all the harder for him. I’ll be praying.

  • Christians are not perfect. They are forgiven. Why are people trying to persecute the Christians? Why are people trying to find something against a model like this?

  • When I first heard about this it just made me angry. The bigotry of the “tolerance” crowd is appalling. As this culture continues its downward tumble and continues to laugh at sin, we can only see where this is going, “as in the days of Noah” so will our worlds destruction be. Really it is causing me to pray more, more often and more fervently. The enemy is not so subtle anymore, he is out for the souls of everyone that buys his lies. Thank you Dana for writing this piece and posting it on facebook, I intend to share it, as well as go to Tim’s Foundation and also to add him to my prayer list.

  • THANK you for this great article! We’re serving here in the Philippines, where Tim Tebow lived as an MK…and where he is currently building a hospital to take of poor children. What an amazing man Tim is! So proud of him! Praying for him.

  • I cannot even say how much that this blesses me to see. I’m not saying that I like that people are trying to destroy him, at all! I mean the Tim Tebow Foundation that you mentioned. I love that he is not ashamed of his faith in Christ, like so many other people today. With so many people trying to bring him down, I’m sure it’s very difficult, but I must say that I respect him for this. His bold declaration of faith is an attention-getter, one that, sadly, the world doesn’t show much anymore. Let’s thank God for the work he is doing through this man!

  • I am so thankful for this man standing up and doing whats right!!!! I have waited my whole 20 years of living to see someone stand!!! I’m so proud of this man and this article couldn’t have said it better!!!!!!!!

  • Tim is a good guy and we don’t want that to change. Even when surrounded by people who are drowning in their immorality, he stays strong. We should all be thankful for a good role model like him.

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