100 Million Women Have Read Fifty Shades of Grey: Do Something!

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As my new book releases this week, I’ve cringed a few times at the comments that get posted. I know we’re not supposed to use porn or erotica, but sometimes in our criticism of it we forget that our Christian sisters are struggling. Our condemnation, if not carefully worded, can fuel shame or create distance rather than bringing struggling women closer to Jesus. That’s why every word we wrote had to be just right! Few times have I felt more dependent on God than when Dr Juli Slattery and I decided to write a response to the “mommy porn” craze that’s overtaken the Church. Yep, I do mean the Church—there’s no statistical difference in the percentage of Christian vs overall women who’ve read the Fifty Shades of Grey series. We knew the problem was big, but we didn’t know where to begin.

I flew to Colorado Springs (where Juli lives) to seek the Lord’s direction. On the first morning, we sat at Juli’s kitchen table to unite ourselves in prayer. The first few moments went like this:

Dannah: “Lord, thanks for opening my heart so dramatically as I read the book of Nehemiah this morning . . .”

Juli, interrupting my prayer: “What? Wait! God brought me to Nehemiah this morning, too!”

 Nehemiah! Not a common book like John or one appropriately full of sex and romance like Song of Solomon. God led both of us to abandon our current reading plans to get to this Old Testament book of history. We knew that God was uniting our hearts through this historical account of dramatic revival.

The book of Nehemiah begins with rubble. The wall of Jerusalem had been broken down in an assault pressing the people of God into exile. Over fifty years later, the Jewish people were scattered. Slowly, they returned. (Oh, how like our own lives and testimonies to be distant from God and come back slowly, tentatively!) By the time they returned, the walls were mere rubble, the gates had been burned with fire, and the people were “in great trouble and disgrace” (Nehemiah 1:3). It’s difficult for us to appreciate why a wall was so critical to the holy city. In Nehemiah’s day, the wall was important for two reasons. First, a wall was a boundary that set apart the Israelite territory. Second, it served as the people’s primary protection. Without the wall intact, nothing would physically distinguish the Israelites as God’s distinct people, and they were open to constant attack and plunder.

We, as God’s people, no longer have the physical security of a wall around us. However, we are still called to be set apart—for our protection. We believe there is to be an invisible wall of holiness around us today, too. It should let everyone know that we don’t belong to this world. But it seems that today, as in Nehemiah’s day, the wall has come down. There is very little spiritual discernment that sets apart Christian women from the world. As a result, there is rubble of ruin in the lives of so many. Just yesterday a woman posted this to my blog:

I read the [Fifty Shades of Grey] books and like many who read them, I couldn’t put them down. At the same time I was ashamed to be seen with them because I knew they were not a reflection of the moral character that I profess to have. Anything that draws you away from God is not good in any way, shape or form. What I wasn’t doing when I read those books was reading my bible because I was too engrossed in filth.

Since Juli and I started writing this book, I have met with or heard from countless women who were addicted to erotica or porn, watched their marriages fall part because of it, or walked away from their faith as a result of the shame. We are standing in rubble and we are in trouble and greatly disgraced. Someone has to DO something. Could that someone be you? 

While we should speak out against erotica, that is not the most important thing we can do to help women who have fallen. We can follow Nehemiah’s lead and muster up a much more humble approach. We outline our thoughts on this in the book but here’s a sneak peak.

When Nehemiah heard the bad news about Jerusalem, he was comfortably positioned in a prestigious role, living about a thousand miles away in Susa. Although it would be natural for him to feel badly about what was happening to his countrymen, he certainly could have viewed it as a “distant problem.” After all, it didn’t affect him personally.

Instead of just including the plight of his people in a passing prayer, Nehemiah allowed the bad news to absolutely devastate him. “When I heard this, I sat down and wept. In fact, for days I mourned, fasted, and prayed to the God of heaven” 

Even if erotica and other sexual sin hasn’t touched your home, they are destroying your brothers and sisters, rotting the integrity of God’s people from the inside out. Today I’d like to ask you to stop pointing a finger at what’s wrong with erotica and to start crying.

Take just five minutes and sit in silence, asking God to pierce your heart with the brokenness of the Church. Just imagine what could happen to our wall of moral integrity if we all just started listening to God and doing what he asks! I’d love to know what he speaks to you during this brief time of quiet. Write it below.

I am willing to buy this time from you. If you’ll pray for five minutes and then post a comment below telling me what God put on your heart, I’ll enter you into a contest to win one of ten FREE BOOKS each worth $12.

Ten winners will be randomly selected at 5pm EST 3/5/14.

Ready. Set. …Let’s get on our knees.


This post is an edited excerpt from my new book, Pulling Back the Shades: Erotica, Intimacy, and the Longings of a Woman’s Heart, co-written with Dr. Juli Slattery.



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  • On my heart is discernment. He is calling me to be in the word each day, that I may hide His word in my heart and be fruitful and ready for battle.

  • I spent a little more time alone and want to add- I believe God’s purpose for us to be united with Him, on fire for Him, the devil takes this understanding and instead he spreads this lie that to be consumed with passion/lust is what we need. In our search for Him, we find many substitutes.

  • We were in church one day when the preacher mentioned porn destroying lives. While I always understood that statement to apply to “our lives”, that particular Sunday, God laid it upon my heart that is wasn’t just watcher’s lives that were being destroyed but those of the people that are in the activity, the “actors”. The “actors”. Hmm, in all honesty, with so much theater in society sometimes its easy to forget that those are actual people doing those acts and not computer generated, “not really doing it” people. but REAL people that are being destroyed, all for others pleasures. Porn doesn’t just destroy our lives, our spiritual walk, but of those performing in the videos and sometimes we fail to see that far outside ourselves.

  • This has to grieve God’s heart – that we pursue popular and sinful pleasures that fill our minds of destructive thoughts. What God brought to my mind is the verses Phil. 4:8-9 ” finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think of such things. Whatever you have learned from me, or received or heard from me, or seen in me-put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.”. Its backwards to think that if we are filling our minds with filth, we can also have and expect God’s peace too.

  • Thanks for tackling this subject. I was shocked by the number of my “Christian” friends that read that book and were not ashamed to post it on facebook! We need to urge women to guard their hearts just as their husbands need too.

  • My heart, like all women, has the desire to be loved passionately. We look to the world to give us what only God can. Forgive us, Father God, for looking for fulfillment separate from you.

  • My heart breaks for all those who have unknowingly allowed themselves to be exposed to these things. I too have been shocked to see the number of my sister’s to read this book and others like it, then talk about online ad if it were a good thing. I know it grieves our Father. I absolutely live the concept of rebuilding what had been torn down…thank you for being obedient in speaking out on the subject. Blessings!

  • I may be one of very few who read 50 shades, I was never one to follow the crowd, i know several who did read it and they all are not firmly into church. I would love to read your book. I will be praying more for my friends so I may be more positive influence on them.

  • I only prayed a few minutes when I started feeling Him speaking. I had to start writing; then, I’ll pray more. . . THIS is what’s wrong with our nation. Women are the cornerstone of the home. The starting spot. We set the mood, the flavor, the atmosphere of each home. THIS is what’s wrong with our families. The moms: lulled to sleep in our own desires. . . The morality, the love for God, instilled in each child BY THEIR MOTHERS: lulled, lulled, lullabied to sleep on the altar and in the bosom of busyness, “freedom”, materialism and now …..(should the digression surprise us?) lust. “Mommas, rise up, stand up and BE MOMS!” Even if you don’t agree with Dannah or other evangelicals or ANY other Christian on some of these points, we must agree REPENT for not being moms; we must be a first fruits offering of repentance for an entire culture. If we had not allowed the lullaby to play, it would not have played. Admit it. Repent. The 40-year olds MUST be the adults we always wanted to be and stop expecting someone else to do it for us while our children whither, while they rot. Tag. WE are “it”. We must be the army of Godly women who follow the Great I AM. I’m in. Following now.

    I’ll be teaching to women in a session on women’s sexualty (ages 16-death 🙂 at an encounter retreat at my church on March 21-22. I’ll be using your new book, Dannah, if it is available for purchase before that time. . . haven’t checked pub date. I love and appreciate you (just taught a great “Lies Young Women Believe . . ” retreat at our church, Christian Life International, Salem, VA, last weekend. Go see our pics on face book! Our ladies and girls love, respect and appreciate YOU, Dannah.) Behind you, for you and In Him, Amy Linkous

    • only read a few comments. just had to say, this is the same place that wants every Christian nutter to have their own assault rifle! for heavens sake forget about porn (in any form) and fight against the things that matter. you know, guns!

  • Oh how id love to win. God has done some amazing things in my marriage and showed lots of grace. I have a HUGE heart for marriages as God designed as sadly it’s very counter cultural. It’s even counter cultural to admit to being a woman that enjoys sex with her husband. I have never read the 50 shades series but my heart was hurt when I found out how many friends did in all circles of life. If love to read your book to gain more insight and be able to use it for ministry purposes. Blessings!

  • As a mom and wife I celebrate that there are those that fight against the “pornography acceptance” of this current culture. Everyday my heart is saddened by what I see, acceptance of all that God abhors. The idea that we have to accept a truth from someone, because it is their truth and not ours. Bologna – the only truth is God and His Word – if your life is not what God intended it to be, then change. Acceptance of our own faults is highly lacking in this current society. Keep up the good work, and I pray God leads you to where you are meant to be in this endeavor.

  • On my heart are Godly leadership, discipleship, and healing. I know my past experience with this genre has hurt my ability to enjoy intimacy with my husband, and I hope that through my own healing I will be able to help others and provide a Godly example for my sons and daughter.

  • Praying for clarity & truth & also a clear distinction between shame & being open & comfortable with our desires as the sexual being God made us to be.

    • I submit that we are NOT “sexual beings”, but spiritual beings who have the ability to express ourselves sexually – an ability that God never intended for us to utilize outside of the covenant of marriage. In other words, humans do not HAVE TO BE sexual, as God’s Word teaches us we are to have self-control over our sexual appetite, keeping it within the bounds for which God created – marriage. There is no shame is expressing sexuality within the context of marriage.

  • God has laid it on my heart heavy to be in daily prayer for our young people more now then ever before. The enemy is out for them in so many ways, everything from how they dress to who they hang out with to peer pressures to predators. It is a scary world we live in and our young people, especially our little girls need our daily prayers covering them for protection. God please keep them safe and protected in every possible way. Amen

  • On my heart is the group of young ladies whom God has called me to lead, some of whom have been touched by this very issue. I will continue to set the bar high for them and myself. I will speak to the eagle inside of each of them to rise above the storm of this culture and spread their wings and glide higher than the rest. I will charge them to lead and not follow and to pursue the things of Christ with the singular vision of an eagle with her sights set on its prey. I will encourage them to feast on the things of God. That is what I will do for this culture of women today.

  • I have a ministry to wives whose husbands are addicted to porn. To weep deeply with these women and to come alongside them in such a way to empower them with God’s perspective on all of this is a profound need in our culture. God’s covenant marriage idea is still the right answer. But we women need to know His ways rather than react in our pain. Damsels Fighting for True Love explains why men are so vulnerable and what we woman can do about it – then it lays out a battle plan for victory in our marriages. For Knights Only is a booklet for husbands giving them practical ways they can rebuild trust in their marriage. Both books have had profound fruit.

  • What came to me was that we must humble ourselves and agree with God that there is a problem. And then agree with Him on the solution which is repentance and turning back to Him. Humility begins the healing and restoration process.

  • THANK YOU for all you are doing! I have had a group of mothers/daughters via our church – a city-wide ministry – promoting your message for several years! It is SO NICE to have trustworthy resources! Keep pressing upward!

  • Thank you for doing something. Most of all thank you for pointing out to me that we should be praying for our sisters instead of condemning them. God is merciful and God forgives!

  • Thank you for addressing these issues straight on! I received an email just this week from an unmarried, 32 year old Christian friend of mine concerning how Christian women should view, embrace and live with their sexuality without compromising their desires for purity and obedience to God.

  • I have heard the sermons on pornography and honestly thought to myself “Thank you Lord that we do not have that problem in our home” yet I too read the 50 shades books and today I hang my head in shame. Thank you for speaking openly about this. Too often the devil puts blinders on us and we continue in our wordly ways not realizing how far we have fallen.

  • I agree with Tracy in that past experiences hurting the ability to enjoy intimacy with my husband. It has also become very relevant with our youth today how porn and things of this nature are corrupting our next generation. My husband and I are youth workers and we have heard countless stories and confessions from our youth (even as young as 9 and 10) on their addictions to porn…..how one time, one thing they think is so innocent quickly becomes an addiction and none of it is for the glory of God. I believe by this being addressed, our adults can help better understand and then pass the Godly examples down to our next generation.

  • I am so grateful that God called me away from this type of book many years ago. I did see how it was destroying my life and relationship through unhealthy expectations. I will continue to pray for these women who can’t put it down…just like I thought I couldn’t..

  • I heard him showing and telling me that love is to be between just the two of us. Don’t let others in…whether that’s others via porn or others ideas or views…or anything. Focus solely on the love God has given specially for the two of you.

  • Fear keeps us in bondage to sin and afraid to confront it when we see it destroying lives around us. I am believing God for the Titus women (Titus 2:3-5) to walk in freedom to do what the scripture commands.

  • Stand firm in faith and guard your mind against thoughts that are contrary to your covenant with your husband and with me, the God who SEES and knows the intent of the heart.

  • I prayed and keep thinking not only about our daughters but our sons as well. Our children are exposed to a culture that does not help them prepare for a healthy marriage. Breaks my heart to know that my children and millions of others will face this type of stuff. Fifty shades is only one medium by which Satan has used.. ;( Thankful for this ministry and the hope in our Lord.

  • It broke my heart to hear of mothers encouraging their teen (or younger) daughters to read this series…how is that good parenting? I know it’s just another obvious sign of sin not realizing sin but come on…would it be ok if that was on Dr Phil? That a parent would let their teen read/watch soft porn? I can’t help but hurt for those who’ve been exposed to this…what a hole to get out of…praying for you in this battle–it is going to be rough, but I know you can do it. Love your previous work, too!

  • My heart is grieved on how this generation keeps trying to make things not pleasing to our Lord “‘a little ok”. That “a little ok” often puts one on a path that could lead to great sadness and destruction. I am praying for the revival of hearts and for people to stand firm in their convictions… no matter what the world or other Christians are doing.

  • On my heart are the older women of the church who, because of their own strict upbringing, refuse to have an open dialogue about these topics. The church needs to stop playing defense and head out on offense. More on my heart are the many women who are caught up in a pornography addiction and our pastors either are unaware that this is a gender neutral problem or they are unable to bring themselves to speak out.

  • On my heart is what has been for a while now…banding together with other moms of little girls to nip this in the bud, or even better, before it even starts!

  • “Our glory is hidden in our pain, if we allow God to bring the gift of himself in our experience of it.”
    Henri Nouwen


  • I am writing from the heart of a single mom. I personally have never read the books myself. I have two teenage daughters and I want to show them that we stand on God and his word not what the world portrays or it’s message. I am beginning a bible study for single mothers in our church and am praying that, as you said, we do not condemn each other but rather point one another back to Jesus and his word. As we long for someone to ride in and save us, I am reminded that Jesus has done that already. I am encouraged by your words and will be in prayer that God would open our eyes and we would keep them fixed solely on him. God Bless You.

  • I pray for restoration and healing. I thank God for his protection but continue to left my family that we would never put down our guard.

  • First, thank you for approaching this subject. I have several friends and family members that think this sort of entertainment is OK. God has placed it on my heart to stand up and shine His light on that darkness, revealing that it is NOT OK. We cause others to stumble (going against Romans 14:21) when we promote entertainment such as this. We are destroying the purity (mental, spiritual, and -possibly- physical) of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, to pre-Christians, and to ourselves- because we are tricking our mind into believing it is OK (let me rephrase that- Satan is tricking our mind into believing it is OK). The point He has always clarified in my heart is that if it doesn’t glorify Him in any way (even going against His will in many ways that we are afraid to admit) then it is pointless, and it is damaging our relationship with Him and our growth in Him. Just let it go. A few minutes (or even days) pleasure is not worth an eternity of pain, my friends.

  • I have not read the 50 Shades…book, but I know people who have. I guess I was stuck with sadness when this book came out because it was all over the media praising its content. I have been convicted about keeping in the word and have been called to encourage other women to stay focused on Him and not this world. We are bombarded everywhere we look. I pray that I am a Godly example for my daughters/daughters in love, and I pray that more women will be convicted to pray for each other so that united we can glorify Him and encourage each other in our walk. Bless you for your ministry. 🙂

  • God has laid it on my heart to be in constant daily prayer for our young people. These days everything from the role that society put on them to dress, to peer pressure, to all the testing they endure in public schools to predators is a constant worry and fear of being a parent. I am on my knees more now than ever before praying for our young ones, especially little girls. God, please cover them in your protection, amen.

  • Eve was deceived. Women since then have been the weaker vessel. Our hearts and minds and emotions are all intertwined. We need older women, fathers, husbands and pastors to shepherd and care for us, gently calling us to purity in what we allow our minds to think about, because our hearts follow very quickly behind.

  • I feel he was speaking to me about how hard we need to work to protect the sanctity of marriage in this country. There is so much that threatens marriage in general. So many ungodly views of what marriage is and isn’t. He told me that we each have to work to protect that, but also to be careful about protecting our own marriages. Be gentle with each other, love each other, enjoy your time with each other. Give yourselves to each other whole heartedly. He intended us to be sexual beings, with our spouse. He wants us to enjoy that, it is a gift. But protect that gift. It is not a gift to share outside of marriage. Remove all temptations- erotica, ungodly relationships outside of marriage. I am shocked at how socially acceptable it has become to – for example read books like 50 Shades of Grey. Many of my friends have read it and are very open about that. When did erotica and porn become so acceptable?

  • I read in Daniel this morning concerning the delay of 21 days while the angels battled the king of Persia. When the angel appeared to Daniel, the words “Do not be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them.” In a time when we are saturated with so many conflicting and confusing messages, and as we realize now how easy it will be for the very elect to be deceived, we have such an opportunity to be a light in great darkness and grace where sin abounds. Your time with your co-author in the kitchen, reminds me of this vs. You have set your mind to the understanding of this problem invading the hearts of beautiful women who want to be strong in their faith, and with a humble and loving approach seek to offer a path back to the heart of God. The walls are crumbling about us and ancient landmarks are being moved. What would happen if each of us picked up a crumbling stone, not to throw, but to place piece by piece until the wall was once again firmly in place? May the spirit of compassion and love that Jesus shared in His day ( the woman at the well, the woman caught in adultery, even Mary who washed our Lord’s feet as the people around her scorned her for her sin) shine through your book and draw the hurting and wounded women of our time to a place of repentance and a renewed fellowship with Christ. Jesus, break our hearts for what breaks yours.

  • Discernment and clarity of vision to see 50 Shades and the like for what they really are. So subtle is Satan to attack on such an emotional front. The world’s message is not God’s message and we really need to be able to discern truth in order to glorify God.

  • I have read the books. However, to be honest, it gave me more ideas for hubby and I. It never was a matter of stepping out on my marriage. People can say I am one of the few but its my truth. People have a choice and whether or not they themselves choose the correct path is not for me to say. They and myself will have to make amends to My Heavenly Father.

  • I chose not to read 50 Shades because I knew I could not put any more ideas in my mind that I would struggle with later. I think the church needs to be willing to talk about our struggles with sex in our marriages. We also need to be honest about how our sexual past really does affect us years and years later. I felt alone for so long until I finally started sharing my own struggles. Thank you for creating another avenue for conversation. I would love to read your book.

  • Praying for ladies as I watch marriages of “strong Christian families” fall apart. Our lives and statistics looks a lot like the world around us. Praying for an awakening.

  • oh, how we must guard what comes into and what we allow to dwell in our minds! God allowed me to learn this lesson years ago. i praise Him for the “wall” He has helped me to erect around my mind and heart, because where we allow our thoughts to go really does matter!

  • We as women of faith need to be sure we are taking an active role in the lives of our young girls. We need to teach them their value is not in what the world expects of them but how they follow God’s call for their lives.

  • This is something that is actually very real in my life. I was one of those women who struggled with erotica and porn for a very long time. It still hurts to admit; but I know that God is merciful and forgiving, and that is what gives me hope for healing. This book would be a wonderful read for me. Thank you for allowing God to lead you to write this book!

  • I have read the 50 Shades series and thought they were harmless. I am ashamed to say I even looked for more books on the same subjects. It was just yesterday that I felt God’s convictions through a blog you wrote, Dannah. Thank you foe writing on this subject and being God’s vehicle to open my eyes and change my heart about erotica. I know I have caused damage to myself and my marriage. I am committed to changing that. So as I prayed today, God placed it on my heart to begin at home and to share this with the same friend (a Christian woman also) who shared the first 50 Shades book with me.

  • Dear Dannah,
    Despite having grown up with God I walked away from Him at one point, and during that period, made the mistake of reading this series. He kept convicting me, but I kept reading.
    In immense mercy, He’s restored me. I’m still in college and I know that my love for Him is weak, but every day I he helps me take one more step away from the world and one step closer to heaven. There is nothing sweeter than His presence. Nothing more tender than His voice. All the love I need is in Him alone, and I want so much for others to know this without having to wallow in the ‘love’ and ‘passion’ this world presents.
    What you do is wonderful (I’ve read three of your books and have been greatly blessed). I pray He will give you strength and renewed vision to keep running. May this book be a channel of His power.
    In HIS grace and love, Esther

  • That believers will let go of their pride and admit we all need help with our different sin issues – whether they be sexual sins, verbal sins, or sins of the heart and attitude. We need God’s Word and each other’s help to walk faithfully as God has called us to walk.

  • The Lord impressed upon my heart that this is a necessary ministry to the Christian woman who is losing or has lost her Christian identity in this sin-infested world. I would like to encourage your continued boldness in Christ and I will continue to pray His blessings and protection over your ministry.

  • I was led to pray for my girls and their friends. Specifically that they would choose to remain pure and that those older teens and women in their lives would be godly examples to them in this area. That those women will teach, intercept, encourage and even rebuke my girls at times when I am not there or they need another ear. May those women be transparent and guided by His Word.

  • Thank you for writing this book, for pening our eyes to God’s grace and forgiveness. His love endures forever.

  • Prayer that each of our hearts would be protected from any hint of sexual sin. I prayed specifically for the young ladies I work with at church, my own daughters, and myself. I want a pure heart before the Lord at all times!!

  • Praying for Dannah Gresh and her family as she ministers to families and shares what God has called her to do!! Thank you for everything!!!

  • God has placed on my heart the insecurity if women and truth that needs to be told about women and sex. What once we as woman fought for has back fired in our face and in the generations we pass down. This shouldn’t be just about us but reaching the next generation and His truth. He values each of his children and to rob his little lambs is to destroy the church he is planting. It’s time to plant, time to harvest that plant. He can do exceedingly, abundtly more than we could ever imagine to reach women with the truth about spiritual ness and sexuality.

  • The enemy wants our families and he has been taking men down using porn for years. It’s no suprise that he now has his sites set on women. They are the usually the person that keeps the home running and set the tone for their families. We need to do all we can to put a “wall” around our families.

  • I’ve struggled & prayed & struggled & prayed. It started young & became my secret. This book, your faithfulness, it’s going to bring to light this issue and create a safe haven for healing.

  • Just shared your book with a ladies Bible Study at our church tonight. We were doing a study on relationships and God convicted me to talk about the 50 shades of Grey series. Many of the ladies in the room had read the books and some wanted to debate why it was ok. I gave them this same challenge and it was amazing how God spoke. Thank you for taking the stand and going where many of us are afraid to go in conversation. I love how you address the unmet longings of a woman and how these authors meet them – our group found verses of scripture that could meet each longing instead of using erotica literature.

  • I’m so happy this is being addressed. I don’t have a desire to read 50 shades of Grey. I watched Magic Mike to see what the big deal was about it and felt horrible for watching it. Now some friends are wanting to get together to have a magic mike movie night and I don’t plan to be involved. I feel it is disrespectful to my husband. After all, I wouldn’t want him to have a guy night watching a female stripper movie. So what’s the difference. I’d like to be able to decline in a way that is respectful and shows my love for my husband and for God, but without coming off as judgmental. I want my refusal to watch the movie to mean something and to possibly make someone else consider their husband’s feelings also. I hope that makes sense.

  • So happy that this book is being written I got so many crazy looks when I said I wasn’t going to read 50 shades of grey!

  • I’m in my first year of university. I had no idea these were such issues in the church. As a single woman, what can I do in this battle?

  • Thank you for posting this, fifty shades of grey is off of my list to read. Thank you for the heads-up!!!!!!!

  • I am deeply grieved to my core about the 50 Shades thing. I see it as an attempt by the enemy to degrade the image of God in all of us.

    I believe that prayer and fasting are crucial in this battle, which is ultimately a spiritual one.

    Thank you for your article.

  • God has also put this upon my heart just this past week when I was quite shocked that a woman leader in our church said in front of a group that she was “probably” not going to read the books, but was still thinking about it…..it sparked some conversation but not much. I was shocked because i thought, what is there to think about???
    And I was thinking we DO need to be talking about this more bc it is so big in our culture right now…and many women are at the crossroads thinking oh, it’s just harmless. I’ll read in privacy. Or I’ll see this movie with girlfriends and it will be fun. It is in our faces! This past week they had the “stars” of the movie on the Today show. They also had a private showing of the movie with 1100 women , including some of the Today show hosts. I was really appalled. As they panned the audience afterward, there was alot of loud cheering, but i did not see ALL the women cheering. And i was thinking..,who is going to stand against this? That led me to the internet yesterday and i read about the book you have written and i want to get it and also send one to my daughter. Thank you for taking a stand, for addressing
    it. Our daughters and granddaughters need us to guide them into truth. Pray for us.

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