Can Guys and Girls Be Just Friends?

Think guys and girls can be “just friends”? Think again! Most girls believe that they can but don’t realize that guys are on a totally different wavelength. Still not convinced? Take a look at this:


Now I’m not saying that you need to shun all men and only ever talk to girls, but I do want to encourage you to be careful in your relationships with guys. Realize that their minds operate in a very different way than girls’ minds do. So, now that you’ve heard the interviews, do YOU think guys and girls can be just friends?


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  • It’s amazing just how naive we ladies are! There is a reason why Proverbs warns us to “guard our hearts”.

  • I used to think so, but that friendship turned into one of those gray-area things and then disintegrated.

    So, as a female with some experience, I’d say no.

    And as a married female, I don’t think it’s appropriate to befriend men at this point. Couple-acquaintances, sure, but not buddies! 🙂

  • I can’t help but notice that the video asked the very small age range of people in their low to mid twenties.

    What a close-minded view of the Christian body!

    How can we exist if we can’t be friends with those of the opposite gender? I have numerous friends who are men! and no! They have never been interested in me! They are young and old, married and unmarried, straight and homosexual. I don’t think that this is a helpful way to view relationships or good advice for a young girl. “Be careful, all boys want is sex.” No. If boys aren’t friends with girls, how will they ever learn to respect them or have any kind of healthy boundaries in a relationship?

    Also Anna-Marie.. “We Ladies” aren’t naive. We are smart and strong, and if we don’t stand up and say that we’ll never gain respect. Also, Proverbs isn’t telling us to guard our hearts from horny boys. It’s telling us to guard our hearts from EVIL. Boys aren’t evil.

  • I find it interesting that the question he asked to determine the feelings of the guys referred to “would you hook up”. That to me implies pure physical attraction, and has nothing to do with actual feelings.

    I don’t know if it’s truly possible or not, but I think at some level it must be, but perhaps only if the guy views you as a sister. Because otherwise it would imply that my brother and I can’t be friends because he’s a guy, and therefore he thinks about me only as a girl. And that would just be awkward.

  • I disagree. I have several male friends, none of whom I’ve ever been attracted to, and I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

  • I would totally agree! Guys and girls cannot be friends! The guys in this video were much more honest than the women!!!Good eye opener on why to tech my girl and boys this!!!

  • Wait a second. I don’t understand why people think guys and girls can’t be friends. I mean, that may be your opinion and I respect that, but I don’t see how not being friends with guys can (for lack of a better word) “work” in future relationships. Great friendships can become great marriages! Great friendships also help us learn better how to have great relationships. I think it is perfectly okay for girls and guys to be friends as long as no one gets the wrong idea.

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