Celebrities Before & After Photoshop (PG Version) For Moms & Daughters

a9f95b5a99bf2932989648b7d3fd0d8cWho doesn’t like to see a good “celebrities without make up” photo? Our catty-inner-mean-girl aside, it’s actually a good thing to see the reality of magazine cover “beauty.” Countless surveys reveal that looking at these picture-perfect images impacts what we believe about our own beauty. (And it’s not making us feel great!) The younger you are, the more likely you are to believe that you can never be beautiful because the standard is so pore-free, zit-free, full-head-of-hair flawless! I’d love to see every mom sit down with her daughters and look at just how big the lies are that these photos tell. But so many times those links you click are full of sensual poses and topless women. For every mom out there who wants to show their daughter the lie but not the porn, I’ve created a collection of six telling images just for you. (Seven if you count the perfected photo of Katy Perry to the left.)

Before you look at these photos remember this: these women are masterpieces created by God, too! Just like you and I. (And I bet they hate seeing bad photos of themselves just like you and I.)  I selected these photos carefully because though they look very “real”, I think they also look very pretty before they were “perfected” in by Photoshop in the images below.

1.) Britney Spears hair is volumized in Photoshop, and her skin is made wrinkle-free and luminescent. Just look at how they thinned her neck and chin. This photo is not real beauty.


2. Lindsay Lohan loses all those freckles that made her such an adorable twin in The Parent Trap. They also took a few years of age off of her, and made her face look nearly like a painting. This photo is not real beauty.



3.) Angelina Jolie is a stunning woman without a lot of make up, but apparently not stunning enough. They smoothed out her skin, erased either a mole or an imperfection on her cheek, thinned out her eyebrows, and whitened her eyes. This photo is not real beauty.


4.) Penelope Cruz loses the dark circles under here eyes, smile lines in her face, and a bit of age in her hand in this one. This photo is not real beauty.


5.) Miley Cyrus didn’t need much perfecting. She’s a doll. But look at how they thinned her already perfect figure, plumped up the size of her breasts, and thinned her stomache. This photo is not real beauty.


6.) Beyonce loses a few pounds in this photo. And while they were at it, they erased all her acne and the ashy look of her skin. This photo is not real beauty.



In this world full of lies about beauty, it’s so important to talk to your daughter about what true beauty really looks like. You have to go farther than the mall, and deeper than your closet. You can’t find it in a make-up palette. It’s a hidden treasure. Deep within where beauty doesn’t fade, but increases with age. And when you find it, you realize that what’s on the outside really is a masterpiece created by God. No Photoshop required.

Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear— but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.” I Peter 3:3,4

Dannah Gresh is a best-selling author and mother/daughter communications coach. Her 8 Great Dates for Moms & Daughters: How To Talk About True Beauty, Cool Fashion, & Modesty engages moms and their tween girls in eight interactive, critical conversations about true beauty.



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  • I really like your page and I always looked at the posters in the stores and on the beauty magazines and compared myself to those people and dreamed of having perfect skin and hair like theirs in the picture but I never new that they were photoshopped! And reading your website really made it all make perfect sense. and you know, if you have wrinkles or freckles , it’s nice to see someone famous who has them too and know that your not the only one who has them. But if you have wrinkles or freckles and you look at a famous person who looks perfect in all ways you might feel like your the only one who’s not perfect and you hope and pray to be like them not knowing that it will never happen and not knowing that you’ve been lied to so it can be really hurtful. But I read your website I finally found out the truth and when people know the truth it’s a lot better than being secretly lied to. So I just wanted to say that I really like your website and wanted to say thanks!

  • Thanks for this great article! Yes, all of these women are beautiful in the pictures of them before they were photoshopped. I used to struggle a lot with worrying about how I look compared to others, but I’ve learned that God loves me and made me perfect in HIS eyes.

  • Can you please site the sources of each “finished” photo? In all my life I have never seen a photographer, magazine or website Photoshop redcarpet photos, and truly I have never seen such bad photo editing from any professional digital editor. The only photos that doen’t look like they were edited by am amateur are the Angelina Jolie, Beyonce and Britney Spears ones – which makes sense as they are photoshoot pictures and digital post processing is either done by the photog or the purchaser.

    The poor work on the photos makes me wonder if they were edited in house (ie: for this website by someone involved in this website) which given the topic at hand would show a level of dishonesty on par with magazines being chastised for altering these women. Not a good way to get the point across if dishonesty is involved.

    • Hi Angela. I don’t know the sources for the editing. I don’t find the editing to be all that bad. But I’m not a professional. Perhaps you are. My goal is for little girls to see the truth and understand the process. I think this accomplished that.

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