Why Dannah’s New Book Is So “Raw and Real”


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  • A person NEEDS TO GET RAW to shake these kids up!! (off the subject) i think Cyrus is going thru something because of her parents relationship (hearing of divorce) maybe Billy Ray was into porn and Miley thought to get close to him, was to act out—–another thing;/ most shows on tv make the GIRL KISS THE GUY FIRST!! which is unnatural and borderlines on porn,,,especially the ‘open mouth’ kissing–looks like shes biting the guys lips off–even saw this in Spiderman movies….

  • Many girls in High school today, feel they have to put out to have a boyfriend or dance partner; really sad—yada yada yada–whoever used it before KNEW WHAT IT MEANT if they knew observant JEWS—-especially in this crazy culture when girls are so desperate…..

  • Kids today are exposed to SO MUCH that it wont be unusual for 8 or 9 yr olds to read your book; parents shouldnt be shocked if they get their children a cell phone and it has porn on it(especially if the’re busy)–(sorry to be soo wordy in my rants) I dont think many parents know whats going on–if the kid doesnt have it, their friends could (porn) MAY THE LOVE OF JESUS LEAD YOU INTO DOING THE RIGHT THING—and keep GROWING—we need to ‘re-ladyfy’ the girls (we know we’re women; we have the plumbing)

  • Just finished reading this new book by Dannah. I couldn’t put it down! As the Dean of Students at Cedarville University, this book covers just about every topic we are addressing with young women. Dannah communicates so clearly God’s design for relationships. And as is typical, with great vulnerability, connects God’s word to our daily lives. It is a must read for young women or anyone working with them!!!

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