Ebbing the Ache

I remember being a junior in college and being single (my guy and I were “taking a break”). It seemed to me like every girl on the planet got a ring during that season of loneliness. No way around it: waiting hurts! You can lean into the pain in a bad way, focusing on your loneliness. Or you can lean into it in a good way, focusing on your love relationship with God. I chose to do the second one and even had a motto:

 Jesus is Enough

God is Sovereign

It was my goal not to get married until I actually believed that. You know when I knew that I believed it? When I started genuinely celebrating after hearing the details of yet another romantic proposal!

Taken from Dannah’s book, What Are You Waiting For?: The One Thing No One Ever Tells You About Sex

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  • First of all, I’d just like to say that I truly admire you Dannah! Ok, and now for the blog. I’m fourteen, I’ve never had a relationship, never been kissed, I’ve never even had a guy hold my hand. I don’t plan to date until college, and I plan to save my first kiss for my furture husband (on our wedding day! :))I do dream of getting married… alot. I also dream of being loved and known. But you’re right, no one else will be able to love us as much as God does. Just like you did, I am trying to believe that “Jesus is enough and God is sovereign.” I do realize that if I don’t believe that, I’ll never be satisfied, and there will always be a yearning in my heart for more. My parents are pastors, and I was was born in the church. But regardless of the sound christian foundation that they cemented in me, I find myself struggling. It’s really hard to live pure when everyone at school seems to be doing the opposite. There are not many christians at my school, and the ones that ‘are’, curse, dress and behave like the others that aren’t. I’m trying to grow in Christ, but I’m not sure how. I read my bible everyday and things like that, but it doesn’t seem to be having any effect on me. Therefore, like you, since I believe this is best for me, i’ll make the vow not to get married until I can believe that God is all I need in my life.

  • Thank you for the encouragement, Dannah. It is very tough to be pure in a society that considers purity to be uncool. At times, it is hard to really believe that Jesus is enough because a lot of people around me will try and tell me otherwise. At my age, it is best to know and believe that Jesus is enough. We shouldn’t be worried so much about being like “everyone else” who started dating when they were fourteen. We should be more concerned about living life to its fullest and live for God, not for a guy.

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