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Roughly forty six percent of high schoolRoughly forty six percent of high school students will engage in sexual intercourse before they graduate.[i] There is almost no difference in the percentage of students inside the church and those outside the church. Shouldn’t there be? This risky behavior is compounded by the fact that starting to have sex early equals a lot of sexual partners. The average number of partners a sexually active college girl has is 7.1. [ii] This increases the number of people to whom she becomes physiologically and spiritually bonded to, and decreases her ability to bond well with her spouse in future years.

Do you want to lead teen girls through a bible study so they can land on the right side of these stats? Do you deeply desire that your own daughter walk in sexual purity? We have a brand new resource to help you and it’s FREE. Let me tell you about it:

In January And The Bride Wore White will be 15 years old!  We figured what better way to celebrate than by releasing an all-new video curriculum and on-line leader’s guide? The series is available for FREE just like my  Get Lost video series.

And the Bride Wore White provides practical “how-to” skills for aggressively pursuing purity in a world stained with sexual pain. Using the book in conjunction with the videos and leader’s guide (both available as free resources NOW) adds individual activities, compelling conversation, and fun object lessons to the mix. Every session carries a deep scriptural truth to your teen(s) on an intimate level because it is presented by you with me. It’ll be a team effort with your heart’s desires for those you guide through the curriculum supported by me. You drive. I’ll sit in the back seat and navigate! You’ll get the most out of these free videos if you invite your small group or daughter to read And the Bride Wore White and use our FREE Leader’s Guide to take them/her through our conversational style eight-week study or retreat.

And this month only, we’re offering 15% off our already low-priced bundles in honor of fifteen years of ministry. Just enter the coupon code “ANNIVERSARY” when you purchase one of these options. (Offer available January 1-31, 2015.)

Our large group bundle services a small group comprised of ten people.

Our small group bundle is perfect for a mother and daughter to do the study on their own.

When And the Bride Wore White: Seven Secrets to Sexual Purity first hit book stores, Publisher’s weekly exclaimed, “The evangelical chastity movement finds a champion in Dannah Gresh!” The book has since become a classic with the greatest proof of its success being the lives of hundreds of thousands who’ve embraced God’s plan for sexual purity. Here’s a sneak peak at lesson number one!

01 • Celebration Stories from dannahgresh on Vimeo.

Our brand new 8-session video curriculum hosted by Chizzy Anderson features a talk-show format panel discussion followed by biblical teaching from Dannah Gresh. The students of Grace Prep, a new model in education founded by Bob and Dannah Gresh, participated in the conversation and created a live audience.

We are so blessed and excited to offer this curriculum to you for FREE, and it will be on-line for your use in January. Consider purchasing bundles of books now to be ready for winter Bible studies!

Below is a recap of the taping day:

We headed into the studio last week to film the series. Can I tell you? We had SO MUCH FUN! You won’t want to miss it. I was privileged to share my heart for teen girls through precious times of Bible teaching. Host Chizzy Anderson will make girls go “Awwweeee” as she explains how she knew her husband was “the one.” Panelist, Heather Bullock, will make you laugh as she shares an epic modesty lesson her mother taught her. Eight different girls from Grace Prep High School share their thoughts, opinions and experiences with boys, love, modesty and purity. We have no doubt teen girls will be able to laugh and relate as we wade through the topic of purity. Here’s a little peek into our day:


An extra-special blessing, my mom stopped by the studio to cover us in prayer. Isn’t she beautiful? I pray that moms and daughters who will use this curriculum will have a relationship like I do with my mother… one that grows sweeter and sweeter with time.


Precious Zariah, our student we recruited to Grace Prep from the Bronx, was one of our “guest panelists” today. I met her mom in New York when we did our first inner-city outreach for Secret Keeper Girl. Full of honesty and transparency, “Z” shares her journey to embracing modesty. (Let’s just say it wasn’t a warm, fuzzy embrace at first!)


The women of Grace Prep made such a beautiful studio audience, didn’t they?




[i] CDC. Youth risk behavior surveillance—United States, 2009, 2010;59(SS-5):p20.

[ii] [ii] Sharon Jayson, “More college ‘hookups.’ But more virgins, too.”, USA Today, 3/30/2011.

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  • Love this idea. I’m a small group leader for 6th Grade girls and was wondring what age is appropriate to introduce this too? I know everyone has a different opion but what age group were you hoping to reach out too by this study/video?

    • The best age for And the Bride Wore White is 13-19, but we have girls on both sides of that age range love the books. 6th grade is young, but not necessarily too young if you guide and navigate them carefully and they’re not overly sheltered. Public school girls can for sure handle this if they have some maturity. The best thing for you to do is to review the book yourself and decide.

  • Hi… I went in to make a donation today, but it says offer expired March 18th? Does that mean you are no longer taking donations or that the small group DVD’s and study guides are no longer available with the donations?

    • Hello Jodi. We ARE still taking donations and we’d love to have yours. YOu will still get the DVDS and study guide in August.

  • Yay! I’m very excited for the videos. I would love to watch them, and refer other people to them. They sound like such a wonderful way to reach people. Thank you for all that you do. God bless!

  • Please, please, please!!! Can I do the $100 pre-order? I’ve been checking into a weekend get away with my youngest daughter who is 17 and three of her friends. I was just sitting down to order the dvd and books from Amazon when I thought, I need to check her site first and I am so glad I did!!! This is perfect timing!!! Please let me know if I can still get this offer.

    Thank you so much!!!!!

  • Hi, I am just seeing this today(aug 1st) I am wondering are you still taking donations for this? If so I would LOVE to do the $40 mom/daughter one. Will you please tell me how to do this. I am the mom of a 12 and 13 yr daughters.

    kris kincaid

  • I REALLY want to do this for a girls’ class I teach in high school. I have been using And The Bride Wore White for about the last 8 years. Since the class is taught each semester, it’s always a new group of girls. I think a little over a year ago, there was a promotional here stating if you ordered 10 or more of the books, one autographed copy would be included. I never received the autograph copy. Therefore, I’m a little hesitant to jump on another promo. Please advise. I am a HUGE Dannah Gresh fan and will continue to promote and use her books.

    • Hi Julie. If you didn’t get your autographed copy, call us! 814-234-6072. Or email We’ll take care of it right away. So sorry for that. We aren’t perfect but we do try hard. When we miss something, we fix it!

    • P.S. We would contact you, but when we checked the back information on your comment there wasn’t an email or phone number for us to connect.

      • Thank you so much! I sent my email today as advised. Regardless of this very minor issue, I will continue to support and promote Dannah and this ministry! I fully believe in its mission and have found her books to be incredibly beneficial for my students and me. I look forward to ordering more books and seeing the new curriculum. Thanks for all you do!

        • I have my team looking for your email and in this comment post, your email shows up in my back portal. If we don’t have the email from you, we’ll contact you today and get that book sent out, friend!

  • Where do I find the links to the Bride Wore White video curriculum?
    I’m starting up my 2nd small group study with our teens at church and am excited to add the videos this time, but not sure where to find them. Thanks so much!

    • Hello Stephanie:

      We had a special bundle package available until August 25th for women to get a free DVD of the Bride videos which will be online January 1st. You missed it. BUT…why don’t you call our office. We can make the same offer to you. If you buy two or ten copies of And the Bride Wore White, we will slip in a free DVD! 😉 Call 814-234-6072 and ask for Aleigha.

  • Hi Dannah. I’m about to start the small group with a few teenage girls next week… I have a question about dealing with girls who have already lost their virginity. I am fearful that they may feel left out or pressured into hiding their past. I’m just not sure at all how to go about handling it… any suggestions?

    • And the Bride Wore White is the perfect curriculum for you, my friend! My testimony will comfort them. I was that girl! Be sure to always state that there is grace and second chances. I also recommend you have a copy of What Are You Waiting For: The One Thing No One Ever Tells You About Sex. In it I have a chapter on sexual healing that would be a helpful guide for you to walk them through.

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