Apply For A Secret Keeper Girl Internship With Dannah Gresh!


Here’s the thing. We don’t have “interns” at Pure Freedom.

Event speakers, content writers, social media specialists, web designers, road managers, and administrative professionals, yes…but no interns. Interns follow orders and get coffee. We think there are more important and creative things to be done! So although we may send you on the occasional Starbucks run, we think your time here is better spent in other ways. Like ministering to thousands of tween girls at a Secret Keeper Girl live event, creating the latest social media graphic, coordinating a photo shoot for Dannah’s latest book, devising new strategies for reaching at-risk girls, or praying with your team members as you grow in humility and service.

It might not look like it, but we’re actually a tiny team with a tiny office in State College, Pennsylvania, and interns are an integral part of our ministry. You might share a desk with your co-worker. Or sleep on a bunk in a tour bus. We can’t afford to pay you much, even though you’ll work just as hard as our full-time team members. And there’s no job too big or too small—you could be speaking to an audience of 400-1,500 or restocking the toilet paper in our bathroom. (Or both in the same day.) All that said, we still think it’s pretty much THE best year you’ll ever have working hard, digging deeply into God’s word, and sharing Truth with others.

What do you get out of it? We have a relational mentoring program whereby our interns are given an opportunity to learn about women’s and children’s ministry and then do it. Our model isn’t perfect, but our community is special.


Twice annual prayer summits lead you in the work on your own heart. Daily devos on event days prepare you and teach you that your primary work is PRAYER (not teaching or managing or writing or cleaning). Dannah Gresh is personally involved with you.

If you’re interested, here’s what you need to know:

  • We prefer interns who are college juniors or seniors who can use the year for credit at their university, or recent graduates looking for a great transition experience.
  • Internships are available during August-late May with some summer training prior to your internship starting.
  • All of our internships are unpaid, but we’ll put you with an awesome host family and give you a small stipend and cover all your expenses while you are with us.  All of our interns live in State College, PA during their time here but Secret Keeper Girl Live! Worship Team Members spend most of the time on the tour bus routing through the United States and Canada.


Secret Keeper Girl Live! Worship Team Member

17017162_10154511865042476_3557805192412766782_oHit the road with our Secret Keeper Girl LIVE Tour, stopping in 40+ cities each season/semester. The number one quality we are looking for in this intern is an authentic, growing relationship with Christ. You don’t have to be perfect. We’re not. We’ll work on that together, but you can’t fake a relationship with Jesus. It is out of that power that you can minister on stage. It goes without saying that you must have a high-energy personality and dynamic speaking/ interpersonal skills since you’ll present and lead worship for audiences of up to 1,500 with our mother/daughter event designed to teach tween girls about true beauty and modesty. Strong vocals are a must with some experience performing live. It’s a team effort when it comes to show load-in and set-up (including lots of balloons!), memorizing the script and keeping it fresh, managing prop inventory, assisting with merchandise sales, speaking and/or monitoring backstage, interacting with audience members, maintaining healthy relationships with the road team, and completing special projects assigned by Dannah. Check out a promo video of one of our events here to see what stage ministry looks like. This is generally a ten month internship starting August 1st and running through May with some training in July preceding your time with us. But sometimes we accept an intern for just one semester. (Often you can get college credit for it!) Having your own vehicle/transportation for when in the State College area is a plus.

To apply to be a Secret Keeper Girl LIVE! Worship Team Member, send the following to

by May 18, 2018:

  • A cover letter expressing why you would like to be a part of our team.
  • A resume
  • A sample of your vocals by singing a song of your choice a cappella and posting it via YouTube. (Copy and paste the link to your video in the email you send.)

Pure Freedom Administrative Team

17015820_10154511719892476_8867537902631329775_oDo you love behind the scenes work and serving? Eager to be a part of a dynamic team? Do you want to grow in your business skills while supporting a dynamic ministry vision? Cozy up into a host home that we think will bless your socks off, be a part of the development of upcoming tours, manage the bookstore and shipping and customer care, and be on deck to head out with the team for especially high volume tour weekends. There is no telling what you’ll do in this exciting administrative role. Skills include being proficient with a computer and basic programs such as data base entry and word processing programs. This is a 6 month minimum internship managed by our office administrator Eileen King. Dannah is involved in some personal discipleship. Having your own vehicle/transportation for when in the State College area is a requirement.

To apply to be on the Pure Freedom Administrative Team, send the following to by May 18, 2018:

  • A cover letter expressing why you would like to be a part of our team.
  • A resume

Part-time Pura Libertad Administrative Team

Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic is a holy ground where Christ has been actively at work since the creation of the world. Nestled in a tropical rainforest climate, the valley is known for its recreational beauty and fertility. Strawberries, coffee, pimento and aji peppers are agricultural gold. Waterfalls, rivers, and cool mountains are treasures of tourism. However, a poverty of marriage, absent fathers, and young teen pregnancy compromise the future of this magnificent town.

Because God designed family and it is the main building block of society, Pura Libertad exists to resource leaders for family advocacy. Through an asset assessment of leadership and organizations already in this thriving community, we seek to accelerate their leadership capabilities through collaboration and education. Pura Libertad will provide mentorship to a limited number of approved applicants in our Leader Acceleration Program for individuals and organizations who desire to collaborate with others to:

• Reduce the number of out-of-wedlock and teen pregnancies
• Increase the number of marriages
• Increase sufficient father involvement

IMG_5655We are currently seeking an administrative team intern to serve as we continue the launch of this work. (Our little team is comprised of Bob and Dannah Gresh, Marlene Luna, and one volunteer. See us at the left. We need you!) It would be ideal for our intern to be bi-lingual (English/Spanish), be familiar with Jarabacoa/Dominican Republic, and have a love for the issue of sexual theology and healing. Skills include being proficient with a computer and basic programs such as data base entry and word processing programs. Being able to translate curriculum and books is a big plus. Eager to learn and grow in the psychology of community change and sexual healing is a big plus. Travel to and from the Dominican Republic will be required. We are requesting a one year internship beginning December 2017 with one month in Jarabacoa prior to arriving in State College.

This is a part-time internship requiring about 20 hours a week, so it is possible to be creative with the other time including classes at Penn State University (you organize and fund) or another part-time internship with our team which could include Pure Freedom administrative internship, Secret Keeper Girl social media internship, and other creative options (we organize with you). You’ll be responsible for travel to and from State College at the beginning and end of your internship, but all expenses for travel during your internship will be taken care of by us! Being able to provide your own transportation while in State College is a plus.

This position is currently filled until January 2019. To apply to be on the Pura Libertad Administrative Team in 2019, send the following to by November 30, 2018:

  • A cover letter expressing why you would like to be a part of our team.
  • A resume

Intern Testimonials

“Being a Pure Freedom intern was an incredible experience. Not only was it stretching in the natural {ie. Doing things I had never done before!} but it also stretched me spiritually in my relationship with God.”

“At first I wasn’t all that excited about ministering to 8-12 year old girls because I thought, ‘they’re too young’ but did that ever change after the FIRST SKG event we did! I remember watching the moms and daughters in the crowd that night holding each other, crying and experiencing the healing power of God’s Word as we shared with them that they were ‘fearfully and wonderfully made.’

Everything changed for me the first night I was a part of the ministry team for Secret Keeper Girl. I encountered the power of the Word in a NEW way and also saw the power of His love washing over these young girls and their moms in such a way I had never seen before.

Everything about this internship was amazing. I learned so much about myself and Jesus and I received training/wisdom that I will use for the rest of my life. I loved connecting with Dannah and the team throughout our training/prep weeks and I loved being on the road during tour. Relationships were built that impacted my life in rich ways.”

I would highly recommend Pure Freedom’s internship program to anyone hungry for MORE. This internship rocked my world and I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of it! You can too — don’t miss out!”         – Jen (Wilton) Dean

“The impact Dannah Gresh and her ministry Pure Freedom/Secret Keeper Girl had on my life was instrumental. Praise God for the work He is doing around the world because of this ministry.”

How do I even start to sum up my time with Dannah Gresh and her Secret Keeper Girl team?  I will forever remember my first weekend in State College, PA when Dannah invited me over for the afternoon for some mentoring time.  It was those times with Dannah that I looked forward to most because I learned so much from her, her walk with God and the call He put on her life.  She encouraged me to pray and ask God to show me my spiritual gifts and what his desire was for me in ministry.  Those 3 months directed me towards what I would be doing for the rest of my life.

I loved being with all the mothers and daughters and becoming a small part of their growth in the Lord.  Night after night, set-up after set-up, show after show, God never ceased to amaze me in the way He went before our team and prepared the hearts of the young girls and their mothers.  What an amazing ministry to be a part of.

After my SKG internship, the desire to reach out to young girls and their mothers about purity and modesty and their value in God’s eyes did not stop.  I started an SKG class at my church and was able to see Dannah’s material come alive again in those girl’s lives.  But God didn’t stop there!  He is now using this passion and heart for young girls and their mothers to drive me to work in Thailand and Bolivia to see children around the world protected from ever entering or being forced into the sex-trade.

The impact Dannah Gresh and her ministry Pure Freedom/Secret Keeper Girl had on my life was instrumental.  God is at the heart of this ministry and I would encourage you to join God on His mission in protecting and preserving these young girls! -Cali (Galloway) Ledger



  • I’d sure love to have you join me in the great work God is doing here at Pure Freedom/Secret Keeper Girl. I love, love, love building in to your life so you can build into the lives of others. If you’re looking to launch years of ministry to women or children or youth, this is a great place to learn and build your resume. But maybe…just maybe…God wants you here just because. For you. If you don’t have a peace about your next step or that job you’re about to accept or the job you just can’t seem to find, why not send me your resume. I’m praying God brings me the perfect girls who need me as much I as need them!

    • Hi! Do you ever have 12 year olds help lead the singing at any of your events? I am a motivated 12 year old who loves the Lird, and who loves to sing. I have auditioned for America’s Got Talent, and a clip got played on Hoda and Kathy, but I wasn’t selected. I am looking for a way to use the talents God gave me to sing for His glory. Thanks so much! Isabelle

      • Hi Isabelle. You sound awesome. A long time ago, our board decided that you need to be a junior or senior in college to be on our touring team. Be sure to come back when you get there!

  • Hi i was wondering do you have any other opportunities to help in this amazing ministry im a freshman!if not im still praying for you all!!

    god bless,bella

    • Stay in touch with us, Bella. You’ll be a junior or a senior soon! Until then, you can follow us on facebook at Dannah Gresh and Secret keeper Girl and pray for us!

  • Hello Ms. Dannah!!

    I just wanted to say that I am going to be a junior in college in a couple of years and I hope to one day check this internship out! I have a passion for working with girls to help them discover what God thinks about them and how much He desires them to live abundant, pure lives!! Your book literally changed my life and I felt the Lord speak into my heart and say that He wanted me to spread some of His Love around. God Bless You and I hope that I could be privileged to work with your ministry and be mentored by you, I know that I would never forget it. You have helped change my life.

  • Hello! I am 26 years old and I am actually about to graduate this Spring semester from college with a Bachelor’s in Family Christian Ministries. Is this only an opportunity for college students? I’m asking because I won’t be a college student in the fall, and this seems like an amazing opportunity! I love speaking to girls about modesty and purity, and I must say Mrs. Dannah that “And the Bride Wore White” greatly inspired me. I still have my ‘shopping list’ and waiting for God to send my hubby to me!! I am also the Children’s Ministry Director at my church, a youth leader, drama leader and co-worship leader for our youth band, so I do believe that God has called me to the ministry, and that this is right up my alley! Even if I am not able to do this, I want to thank you so much for answering the call God had for you and blessing the lives of so many girls (and woman!).

    Please let me know when you can 🙂

    God Bless!!!

  • Hanging Rock Christian Assembly in West Lebanon, Indiana, offers Mother Daughter Camp each year. I serve along side a wonderful sister in Christ to coordinate this event. We are gearing up for our July 9-11 camp and we need a speaker and a worship team. We would love you or someone from your ministry to join us Dannah! This year’s theme comes from the book of Colossians 3.2; setting our minds on things above. I would love to hear back from your or your team!
    For His Glory,

  • Hello Mrs. Dannah,
    Not one but two people have mentioned this internship to me and now I’m seriously considering it. There is one thing that would maybe keep me from it, I’m technically not a college junior even though I should be next year. I graduated in 2013 then the 2013-2014 school year I lived in Costa Rica. This year I have interned at my old youth group and done online Bible college. Should I still apply or wait?

    • Allysa, you could apply but we put the college juniors and seniors in the top of the list. However, if you’re interview is GREAT we put you at the top of the top of the list when you BECOME a junior or senior often building a relationship over the few years it takes to get you there. Does that make sense? I dont’ personally do the filtering and interviewing but eventually the final round of interviews comes to me. Hope to see you there someday! In God’s timing.

  • Hi Dannah,

    I know that I am not your target for internships. I am 30, an experienced girls’ youth group leader and am working on a book for adults with spiritual influence (parents and youth leaders) over teenagers. I am looking for a new opportunity for this summer and beyond. If you have any ideas, I would LOVE to hear them.

    Thank you and be blessed!


    • Brittany, if you are a vocalist, we welcome you to apply for our internship through the directions on the blog. If you’re interested in admin work, we have three month programs for interns but that probably may not fit you well. I’m sure God has a great plan.

  • What an amazing opportunity! I love singing but I’m not quite in the stage of life you are looking for, lol. I am however a 35 year old stay at home mama to three children ages 11, 7 & 4. My hubby and I were both virgins on our wedding day on May 18, 2002. I’m truly married to my best friend and SO glad we saved ourselves for one another. Just read your book What Are You Waiting For and it was incredible! What a wonderful ministry you have!!!

  • I would ABSOLUTLY LOVE to travel around helping to speak truth into the precious lives of young teen girls. It’s a desire in my heart. While I have had several opportunities in my home church none of them have worked out for the long run. I’m not currently in college, however I am working toward my GED. My question is would I still qualify to intern? Or would I have to wait until I’m 21-22 to apply?

  • I would love to apply for this opportunity, however, I do not have strong vocals. The Lord didn’t bless me with good vocals, but a great heart that loves to minister to teen girls! I’m a junior at a Christian College in Minnesota and am taking a year off, this is just the opportunity I was looking for! I’m wondering if I can apply even though I can’t carry a tune? 🙂

  • Hey lovelies,
    Would it be possible to apply for this even if you didn’t live in the USA? I’m from Australia and a friend mentioned it, and it sounds amazing! So I’m just trying to suss out some of the details before applying 🙂
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Sarah x

    • We would welcome your application, Sarah. If you are accepted, you would be responsible for airfare to and from Australia. We would take care of your living expenses once you are here. Hope to hear from you!

  • Hi! I will be graduating high school this may and will not be going to college in the near future so I can pursue ministry opportunities/missions. This is something I’m very interested in. Because I won’t be in college, what would the age requirement maybe be? Thank you!! 🙂

    • Hello Abigail. We generally like our interns to be about 20 or 21 with a few year of post-high school career or academic experience. That said, we look at all resumes.

  • Administrative Team – – I’d love to help you in this capacity, I have tons of time available, willing to travel, type about 85 wpm, love data entry, used to do customer service at TCI Cable, now it’s Comcast…. Please let me know if I can help, I’m ready willing and able!! PS I also worked at a local post office so I’m very schooled in mailing and packing and shipping. Unfortunately I don’t have a formal resume as I haven’t worked in several years, I also worked at Penn State University in the Pattee Library on 5th floor inputting all the new books that would go into circulation, I was also given a lot of side projects inputting the old card catalog cards from the rare book room collections.

  • Hi! In the video of Dannah it said this was a 3 months internship and on this page it says this is a 10 month internship! I am very interested if it’s a 3 month internship but just wanted to double check which one is correct before I apply! Thanks!!! (:

    • You can apply for the three month option, but we are generally accepting ten month interns if they are available. It works a little better for us because you gain momentum and learn the systems and team and take leadership. Three months doesn’t really allow for that, but we do sometimes take shorter interns. We took a 2 month intern last summer because she was willing to work hard!

  • Hello,

    I will be graduating from college in December with a bachelors in psychology, and am sort of looking for an opportunity like this where I can do some ministry work and seek the Lord. I would be willing to do anything really, but I have a passion for girls who are at risk for sex trafficking and sexual exploitation/abuse in any form really. So I guess I would love to work with the tween/teen girls. I was a little confused about the different internships you have. One is based in PA and the other is touring, right? Is the touring one only for singing? I can sort of sing, but have great public speaking skills, as well as strategic sharing and authentic youth engagement training.

    • Hi Krystal. We have one more tour internship left. It is an adminstrative position with our merchandise team. If you’re interested, send in the resume asap. We’re trying to fill it soon.

  • Hi! Dannah, thank you for your ministry to young women and teens. I personally appreciate the wisdom and biblical insight you offer as a college student. I attend a small Christian college and will be graduating in December. I am considering options after graduation. As an education major, I have some free time before a full-time teaching position would open in the fall. My desire is to work with preteens and teens. Although Pure Freedom’s internships begin in August, if there flexibility about the date? Thank you!

    • Hello Caroline, we don’t have an opening until August and it runs through to May of 2018. We’d love to have you apply. The position we have left is an administrative position on the Secret Keeper Girl tour.

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