Learn More About Sex In 9 Minutes Ever Before! [VIDEO]

Dannah Gresh appeared live on FoxNews.com Friday and talked about Sex and Religion. One young women responded by saying: “I learned more about sex in this 9 minute segment than I’ve heard anyone share in my whole life.” You just might, too. Check it out at FoxNews.com.

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  • Wow Dannah this is amazing and really helpful thank you. Your book sounds like it has a lot of helpful things inside and I think I may consider getting it.

  • Wow- I was so sad that I missed this broadcast – but now that I found it I am so pleased with the opportunity you had. I am adding this to my FB event page for our Pure Freedom Rally! We are so excited as this will most likely being the largest event our church will have ever hosted! Wow, what a message we will give with your time you will share with us! Bless you and thank God for choosing such a willing servant!

  • I have twin 16 year old daughters a 13 year old daughter and a 5 year old son…I know I tell these to my kids and will even be teaching this to my son…because I believe boys should also be responsible in knowing the facts about sex. Thanks for writing this book!

  • Dannah, I loved seeing this broadcast! I teach “Protecting Your Purity” to a group of high school girls everyday at a local Christian School where I live. I already use 3 of your previously published books, along with some others from Kay Arthur, Josh Harris, etc… for my research and I cannot wait to get your newest book. Meeting with these young women four times per week for an hour each time gives me an excellent venue for really discussing the issues and I love to get to the heart of what young women are really facing out there everyday. Even Christian young women. I cannot thank you enough for your writing. I have read dozens of books on this subject (which mortifies my own 4 daughters) and your books help me with my teaching more than any other author. I logged on to your site this morning while studying because next week we are making a list of comeback lines for preparing just in case you get close to your boundary and want to stop. I was trying to see if you had some new ones listed on here and ran across this broadcast and advertisements for your new book. What a find! Thanks!!

  • Dannah, great interview. We use Song of Solomon DVD by Tommy Nelson in our marriage counseling and this adds allot to the pre-marital aspect. Do you have something we can get into the public schools in their sex education classes that would be user friendly? I serve on the Human Growth and Development committee and always looking for curriculum, DVD’s, etc. to recommend. Thanks!

  • Dannah, thank you for that! It was encouraging for you to talk about that in public to a possibly majority non-Christian audience.

  • Thank you so much! I am a teenager, a virgin, and concerned about dating, and your book “And the Bride Wore White” was such an inspiration to me. This book you talked about seems to be great as well, and definitely hits a spot many people need struck.

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