Tear It Out & Cut It Off

Have you ever struggled with the temptation to fantasize? How about the temptation to masturbate? These are two of the most difficult topics to tackle. They’re also two of the topics you ask about more than any other when you write to me. My friend Paula Hendricks, lead blogger for True Woman and contributor to Lies Young Women Believe dot com, presents one of the clearest and most transparent answers to your secret struggles in this video. Dare to embrace the hard core truth of Matthew 5:27-30.

To follow Paula’s blogs for teen girls visit liesyoungwomenbelieve.com.

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  • Thank you so much for this. I feel like a lot of Christians these days choose to not talk about these issues because they are not comfortable issues to disscuss. I really appreciate and commend you for being honest and real about things such as this.

  • Wow, Paula! Such insight! I have struggled with how to answer this same question for others, and I am SO encouraged to hear it laid out in Scripture so clearly. It’s true that this is a difficult topic, but you have really brought a lot of truth to light! Thanks!

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