The Master Artist’s Design for Sex

This is a guest blog by Lisa Yabra

In August 1911, the Mona Lisa was stolen off the walls of the Louvre in Paris. Artworks this valuable are often removed to be photographed or cleaned. It took 24 hours before anyone even noticed the Mona Lisa was missing. That’s how I think we are reacting with the masterpiece of sex. It is the greatest art in the world and we are seeing that it is being stolen and we are not doing anything about it.

We need to bring back the beautiful picture God designed for sex. And the way to do this is to listen to what the artist has to say about his work. The one who designed sex gets to define it. So let’s go back to Genesis 4:1. I believe all sexual theology starts here: And Adam lay with his wife again, and she gave birth to a son and gave him the name Seth. For she said, “God has let me have another son in the place of Abel, for Cain killed him.”

This verse is a little confusing. The dude was not just laying there! It was not a passive moment in his life. Bad English translation. What does this verse actually mean? Well, in the Hebrew dictionary, the word used there was Yada. The expression “Yada, Yada, Yada” that in English means boring, boring boring, Turns out, it was not so boring for the Hebrew culture after all! So, what is the definition for the word God carefully used to define sex? Yada means: To know, to be known and to be deeply respected. Women want to be known, Men want to be respected. God’s design is perfect. But not all sex is the same for God.

In Genesis 18 we see a story of an incestual relationship, surely God cannot use the word yada in this story?? Going back to the Hebrew dictionary again, we see that the word used to describe sex in the passage was Shakab. And it means: To exchange body fluids. Ewk. The amazing thing about the word yada is that it is used about 900 times in the Old Testament and mostly to talk about the intimacy of God and man.

Psalm 46:10 reads: Be still and know [yada] that I am God. The world’s definition for sex is merely physical but God’s definition of sex transcends the physical.

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