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I work really hard on the books that I write. It is my desire that you don’t end up on chapter five and find out that there was really only one good chapter. (Read any books like that?)
So, I dig deep with both social science research and prayer until there’s something really worth writing. Specifically, I feel called to write with credibility that connects the truth of God with factual science about sexuality so that the world—not just the Church—will hear the message and have a difficult time disagreeing with God’s truth.

I have never worked harder than I have on the book I am releasing today! It has taken me nine years to write What Are You Waiting For: The One Thing No One Ever Tells You About Sex, which targets the older teen and college-aged women. I’ve traced the Hebrew language of sex from Genesis through to its Greek counterpart into the book of Revelation, and discovered one of the worst kept secrets in Christianity. (I say worst kept, because EVERYONE should know this truth but I’ve only ever heard one other Bible teacher or pastor teach on it.) This is the most important thing I have ever written!

I have never asked you to help me like this before.

In twelve years of writing books and creating events, we have relied on God’s hand to guide the message to those who need it. He has done that faithfully.

My first book, And the Bride Wore White, garnered best-selling status though I was completely unknown and had no speaking platform. (Read: had never been booked to speak publicly even once!) More recently, the Secret Keeper Girl Tour has enjoyed considerable growth when the touring industry has experience great decline. Hundreds of thousands have been brought closer to the Lord through these and other resources. (I continue to be shocked that God would use me like this!)

I need your help this time. Here’s why: I believe that this book has a message to precious and so powerful that those not likely to search for answers in Christian books can benefit from it. The world is terribly broken sexually. The church is too. What I have found in the Scriptures is a much-needed message for our culture, but I can’t make them aware of it on my own. We can send a huge message by pushing this book into Amazon.com’s bestseller list.

It’s actually very easy to push a book onto the bestseller lists on Amazon.com! Every book on Amazon.com has what’s called a “Sales Rank” which is updated hourly. For instance, Six Ways To Keep The Little In Your Girl hit the #1 spot on the parenting list after being promoted on Focus on the Family in October! Today it ranks like this:
• #3,841 in Books
• #12 in Parenting Teens
• #91 in Christian Living
What Are You Waiting For? is not really ranked yet since today is its release date.

Since a book’s rank is updated every hour, just a few dozen of us working together can make a book soar into onto the bestsellers list. Imagine if a few hundred of us worked together! This Book Bomb will coordinate hundreds (maybe thousands) of people ordering What Are You Waiting For on the same days—between January 18-20—and raising it to a place where tens of thousands of new people will see it.

There are three ways you can help me.

1• Buy at least one copy of What Are You Waiting For from Amazon.com between January 18-20.

2 • Spread the word. Friend me on Facebook, tell your friends on Facebook, forward this email, make calls, plan a reading club, and pray for this book’s message.

3 • Pray with me. Ask God to use this precious secret contained in the pages of What Are You Waiting For to equip young women to live lives of purity, help them heal from past impurity and look forward to marriage as a covenant that portrays God’s love for the Church.

I appreciate your help, so to say thank you I will be giving away some free stuff to the people who both order books on Amazon.com. Here’s what you can win:

All Orders Of Ten Or More Copies Placed between January 18-20 Will Receive
•A signed copy of What Are You Waiting For

The Largest Order of Books Placed between January 18-20
•An entire library of Dannah Gresh books with a signed copy of What Are You Waiting For
•Four free tickets to the Secret Keeper Girl Tour (for tweens and moms) or the Pure Freedom event (for teens and moms) of your choice, along with back-stage passes to meet the team so we can say thanks. (Dannah does not appear at all events.)

A Few Simple Rules: To be prize-eligible orders must be placed between January 18-20. Winner must be registered with a valid e-mail address at either the Secret Keeper Girl or the Pure Freedom blog. All prize-eligible orders must be verified with an Amazon.com Order Confirmation email receipt, which we will request from you upon notification of your prize. Group orders are eligible for prizes if placed through a single Amazon.com account (only one prize will be awarded). Multiple orders from a single Amazon.com account are eligible for prizes. Promoter winners will be chosen based on observation and blog submissions. Transportation to the Secret Keeper Girl Tour or Pure Freedom event city of your choice is not included.

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  • Can’t wait for my 12 (almost 13) yr old daughter can read this! We’re having amazing conversations about purity, God’s value of each of us as women, that she’s a gift for her future husband and the importance of being a role model to a broken world. God bless your efforts and your heart for our girls!

  • Happy to help you get the word out, Dannah! Just ordered two copies to give away.
    Started another group going through “Lies” yesterday.
    Stay strong and investing in girls with us!

  • Purchased my first copy earlier through Amazon! Now I’m just counting the days until I receive it ^_^ I was touched by your email and agree that Christians and the world need to know about what God intended sex to be. Keep up the good work, and I will definitely keep on supporting you and your ministry. Many blessings!

  • I ordered your new book just yesterday! Can’t wait to get it! I have a friend that’s a senior in hs that reallyyyy needs this! Also a college aged friend that this will be good for her. Wanted to leave my email address too so I can be entered in the drawing of the book giveaway! Thanks! 🙂

  • Just purchased 10 copies this morning through Amazon. Can’t wait to receive them sometime next week. Thank you for being Spirit led to write this book. I know God will bless it over and over. Looking forward to sharing them with our teens at church!

  • Hey Dannah!! I am looking forward to reading this book. My oldest daughter is only 10, but I figure it will be a good book for her in a couple of years. I will be buying it, but not off of Amazon. I have decided not to support Amazon in light of some of its books it deems appropriate to sell…books for pedophiles and the like. I will be supporting Christian Book Distributors for the purchase of this great novel. I just want you to know I am in full support of you and your work, but cannot in good conscience support Amazon. I do hope you get to top 100 status though. God bless you for your work.

  • I ordered your new book yesterday Tuesday! I’m going to give this copy to a friend of mine who has a teen daughter. Thank you for writing such a “real” book.

    My step-daughter is 16. I showed her the book when I got it and told her I would read it first and then pass it on to her. I let her read the true story about the guy who waited for the girl to finish school and then gave her all the presents he had been saving for her. The next weekend my step-daughter came over, she asked me if I was finished with the book because she wanted to start reading it. It was in her hands that night.

  • I ordered the book when it was released and am expecting it to be on my doorstep when I get home this evening. I’m really looking forward to sharing this with both my 12 year old and 6 year old, when its time. Thank you!

  • Thanks so much for your passion for purity! And for following through on that passion by providing us with materials that help us promote these principles with our girls. My daughter is 9 so a little young for some of the more mature discussions but totally appropriate for some of the others, especially as her body is beginning to develop. Boys will be noticing, too, and she needs to be equipped on how to minimize, as well as to handle, that kind of attention. Thanks again!

  • I had this book pre-ordered and had it read very soon after it was delivered. I seriously devoured it! Currently finishing the review on it. I put it aside temporarily until I finish my paper. But it was great! Thanks, Dannah! 🙂

  • I just ordered a ton of Dannah Gresh books, including this one! Seems like I may be out of place being the only man commenting…but I’ve been looking more into Pure Freedom thanks to a new Secret Keeper friend of yours. Some of the books seem strictly for women only…but I feel some of them are important for guys to know as well, especially if they plan on being involved and caring fathers/husbands/boyfriends. I am also going into youth ministry, so these books will no doubt bless my future curriculum, no matter where God leads me. God bless your ministries, and I can’t wait to read your (and Bobs!) books! =)

  • I wonder about a secret so special that wouldn’t just be expressed rather than sold in a book. It kind of saddens me.
    All in all, I’d still be willing to buy the book but I can’t support Amazon. They have some horrible books in their listings and I can’t support a company that will back pedophilia and animal abuse as freedom of speech. Is the book sold elsewhere?

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